Which is better? WinXP Pro 64 bit or Win7 Pro 64 bit?

I just built my first gaming PC and I screwed up big time. I bought a copy of winxp pro 32bit for it and I got 8 gigs of RAM installed. Come to find out, winxp pro 32 bit can only access like 4 gigs of the RAM. Bios is showing 8 gigs, windows xp 32 bit is only showing 3 gig of RAM (presumably, the video card is using the other 1 gig of the 4 gigs that XP 32 bit recognizes).

I just wanted to stick with the old all-to-familiar WinXP pro. I still would rather run WinXP pro 64 bit if it will recognize the 8 gigs of RAM I have installed. I'm stuck in my ways. It's an MSI MoBo that supports 8 gigs of dual channel DDR3 1333mhz RAM. And that's exactly what I have installed, 8 gigs of DDR3 1333mhz RAM (Patriot brand PC10666).

What do you guys think? What is the best operating system with the fewest bugs? Win7 pro 64 bit or WinXP pro 64 bit? I don't want to make another costly mistake.

I wanted to keep my costs down trying to make a mid-level gaming PC, but I guess keeping the cost down is shot to hell now. I gotta get a 64 bit OS now. I'm not gonna waste that RAM. And I ain't sendin it back to Tiger Direct.

I didn't know what section to post this in. The software Win7 section, or the software WinXP section. There is no software general disscussion section.
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  1. 64-bit Windows XP has a very limited selection of hardware drivers available, but to the best of my knowledge all devices that work with Windows 7 work with both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions. For that reason alone I'd choose Windows 7.
  2. Definitely window 7. You will need some time to get used to but it is worth it. Since you are using it as gaming PC, window 7 having dx10 and 11 is a major win over window xp, not to mention IE9, better networking (at least I found it more user friendly), trim, advance format and more window features (window 7 incorperates system image backup).
  3. That's the information I need. Thanks guys. I do remember hearing some things in the past about how WinXP Pro 64 bit had piss poor driver support and so forth.

    Win7 Pro 64 bit it is. Time to get familiar with the unfamiliar.
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