7600GT Problems?

Hello. About a month ago, I decided to get a new graphics card along with a new PSU. I got a 500W Coolmax and a 7600GT. I got the PSU First and installed it. It ran fine. Then I got my new graphics card and installed it. They ran fine for about 18 days. Then my PC crashed. I figured it was my PSU that was faulty since it would start but not when my new graphics card was installed. So I sent it back and got a replacement. Hooked it up and same thing, will start but not when the new graphics card is attached. So I figured the problem must stem from my graphics card. Has anyone encountered this? Could some damage might have incurred while I was installing it and that's why it broke. I'm currently getting it exchanged but I'm open to ideas. Thanks for the help.
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  1. What brand are you using?
  2. Could be the graphics card. Can you test it in another machine?
  3. Unfortunately no, all my friends have PCI-E cards while I still have an AGP.
  4. Did you OC ? How did the games play? Is 4x\8x enabled? the more info the better. :wink:
  5. Nope, didn't overclock or anything. The only game I played was Company of Heroes. Was it possible that I damaged it when installing (Maybe static) and it finally died after 18 days?
  6. That seems likely. Next Card you install try to touch something metal on your comp (i.e. the case) while you are taking ther card out of the box.
  7. It's possible that you damaged it, but it's unlikely - static damage doesn't usually take 18 days to show up - it'd either be completely broken or it'd be completely fine immediately.

    If you take the card out and look at it / have a smell of it. Can you see any burnt components? Is there any burning smell? Does the heatsink assembly touch the graphics core? (make sure you earth yourself before taking the card out, of course!)
  8. Oh yeah, it is possible that the HS/HSF is too heavy and when it gets hot is puts stress on the board. That can happen. How heavy is your HS/HSF?
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