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City Zones

* The “Paragon Dance Party” lighting has returned to normal.
* Crey's Folly is once again cursed by the Jurassic.
* Issues with strange fog in City Zones (in particular outside of the
Magic shops) has been fixed.


* Fixed several “Black Wall” bugs.
* Fixed many of the “Warping Villains” issues.


* Scrapper and Tanker Invincibility now also offers some defense to
Ranged attacks.
* Tornado will now knock back foes the same distance, regardless of
the level of the target. This is to prevent Tornado from endlessly
juggling higher level foes.
* Added Toxic damage type to all Damage Enhancements and Damage
Resist Enhancements.
* Added inherent Taunt to Pool attack powers for Tankers only: Air
Superiority; Boxing; Kick; Jump Kick; Flurry.
* Added Taunt to all Tanker Defensive powers that attack or affect
foes: Blazing Aura, Consume, Chilling Embrace, Icicles, Energy
Absorption, Mud Pots. These powers also now accept Taunt Enhancements.
* Fixed Dark Melee/Touch of Fear Acc Debuff.
* Fixed Kheldian Group Energy Flight description.
* Fixed Tanker/Battle Axe/Cleave so it Knocks Down properly instead
of Knock Back.
* Fixed a bug that was giving Stone Armor/Granite Armor a Damage Buff
instead of a DeBuff.
* Fixed text error in Invincibility system chat.
* Removed DoT from Mind Controller/Terrify, and replaced it with a 1
shot damage. The new Fear changes would cause the Feared target to keep
attacking (and not tremble in Fear) because it was constantly getting
attacked by the DoT.
* Modified Arctic Air Short Help (power is unchanged).
* Added some safeguards to ensure Invincibility DEF and ACC bonus
improved with Enhancements for each affected foe.
* Slight increase to Kheldian base damage (human form).
* Radiation Emissions/Fallout now accepts Accuracy Enhancements.
* Updated Scrapper Spined Text to reflect new Toxic Damage type.
* Slightly increased Invincibility defense bonus.
* Stone Armor/Rooted should not longer be mutually exclusive with
Granite Armor.
* Stone Armor Set: All new Stone armor f/x! Rock Armor, Rooted,
Brimstone Armor, Crystal Armor, and Mineral Armor are no longer Mutually
* Stone Armor/Mineral Armor has been renamed to Minerals.
* Stone Armor/Rooted no longer makes you immobilized. Decreased its
recharge time. However, you will walk extremely slow. Rooted can no
longer be activated at the same time as Fly, Speed, or Flying powers.
* Stone Armor/Granite Armor will now transform your body.
* Dark Armors are no longer Mutually Exclusive (New Art f/x!).
* Super Strength/Rage: Removed Disorient effect after power expires.
Instead, Rage will drain your Endurance when it expires. Reduced its
Endurance cost to activate the power, and slightly reduced its Defense
* Corrected a bug with Tanker Defense Energy Absorption which was
only giving buffs based on a single enemy instead of the number affected
by the attack.
* Changed Moment of Glory: If Moment of Glory is activated a second
time while currently active, the Buffs will no longer Stack.
* Fixed a bug that allowed players to turn on toggle powers that
target foes while the player was phase-shifted.
* Fixed bug causing shape-changed Kheldians to sometimes appear as
mekmen for a short bit.
* Ice Armor f/x changed slightly to improve appearance while stacking
multiple armors.


* Fixed several general server stability issues.
* Clickable Mission Objectives (glowies) once again make noise.

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    On 18 Jan 2005 17:26:19 GMT, Marcel Beaudoin
    <> wrote:

    > * Stone Armor Set: All new Stone armor f/x! Rock Armor, Rooted,
    >Brimstone Armor, Crystal Armor, and Mineral Armor are no longer Mutually

    Sweet. Anyone got links to screenshots of these and other new f/x?
    (Account expired a week ago, too broke to renew it. :p)

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