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I'm working for a company that is considering purchasing GFI Languard
PSC. I would like to hear experiences (positive and negative) from users
who have used this product.

Please contact me.

Nigel Clarke
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    Although I liked the fancy interface, and the ability to link to
    BugTraq or CERT when a vulnerability was detected, I don't think that
    LanGuard lives up to even nmap (, due to
    one simple reason: LanGuard produces false results. This is quite a
    problem. As I was helping to secure a friend's server, LanGuard could
    not be convinced that POP3 wasn't running on the server. It wasn't.
    In the end, even though we had our shiny new LanGuard, we ended up
    using trusty nmap. If you really want a GUI, you can always use
    NmapFE (nmap Front End).

    Hope that helps some,

    - - ds

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