Help setting up a small home network

OK first off let me start by giving a rundown of what my setup looks like

Optimum Onnline cable connection 15/2mb
Motorola Surfboard sb5120 cable modem
2 desktops
1 notebook
1 Vinage internet phone box

Ok I need to get a router that will give me the full capabilty of my fast cable connection as well as give me gigabit lan capabilties for sending files between the desktops. The two desktops will be connected by wire and the notebook will be wireless. I already have the AP and cleint card for the notebook so thats all done. So I need a router/firewall with at least four ports, gigabit capabilty, good firewall, and the ability to work with a 15/2mb cable connection without slowing anything down. The tech at Optimum Online said some older routers wont give me the full speed of the connection he said something about wan-lan speed or something I wasnt sure exactly. Id like to spend around $100 or so, but Im willing to spend more if I need to. Please let me know what you all reccomend.

PS also ive heard some of the business class routers have some sort of spyware/virus protection built into the actual router? Is this true? Any not so expensive routers with these features?
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  1. Hi.

    I've been using the Linksys RVS4000 and it has been very stable. It's a router/4 port gigabit switch focused towards small business/home office users so it's feature set is broader than regular linksys home products (i.e VPN, QOS, IPS, etc) Street price is around $115.

    Hope this helps.
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