Tower Case Assistance Please.

I am a newbie builder and am wondering if any one can reccomend a good tower case. It doesn't have to be fancey just upgradable and functional.

Looking at all these cases online is great but without being able to touch and try....... how do I know I'm getting a good quality one and not some wobbley ol' thing?

So I turned to the PROS OK thats enough butt kissing for now.
Any suggestions?
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  1. You'll probably find lots here recommending...

    Antec P180B


    Antec Nine Hundred

    They are both solid choices.
  2. Ditto on the A900, I bought it for my boys computer and nearly stripped my system out of my Thermaltake case to put in it. Probably would have too, except I was too lazy and had too little time to build theirs and re-build mine.
  3. Those of you talking about the Antec 900 might want to know that CompUSA has it on sale for $50 instant off making it $90 with store pick up allowed. The sale is from Feb 11 through Feb 17 2007. That is a whole bunch cheaper than Newegg and others. I just bought a Coolmaster Mystic at their last case sale or I would be off to get one.

    Link to page
  4. The A900 is sweet... Would be my choice if I was to get one now.

    I built my PC about a year ago and got the Antec Super Lanboy II case. Which I must say is a nice and basic case, I love the little hidden storage compartment too for my gamer enhancers ;)
  5. Gotta know your budget first. Then gotta know if you want any bling to it for looks. Window/no window? Door/no door? Mid-tower/Full Tower?

    Quick take:

    -Coolermaster - no frills, but does the job well, inexpensive
    -Thermaltake - bling and features for affordable price, mid-range price
    -Antec - P180 for quiet, 900 for gamer/bling/overclocker, mid-range price
    -Lian Li - top quality and prestige, but expensive
    -Silverstone - sexy and features, but expensive

    My guess is you're looking either for a Coolermaster Centurion, a Thermaltake MatrixVX, or an Antec P180 or 900.
  6. A silver one of these should fit everything you need and have space for optional watercooling, and is what I'm going to be getting for my new computer.


    Black cases tend to leave smudge marks so that's why I recommend a silver case.
  7. Let me try this from another angle.

    I do know I want an ATX Midtower with lots of room for expansion.

    This is my first build I want to keep things simple. Are LED lights and fancy stuff like that complicated to hook up?

    Will I hear fans louder with a side window?

    And I guess if any one knows of any units with poor quality(Parts that stick, sharp edges, parts that dont fit right etc.) that I want to avoid?

    I dont want to get too cheap but I dont want to spend a lot either unless I can avoid buying a seperate PSU than it may be worth the extra money.

    Now maybe you can see where my confusion is rooted.
  8. "Room for expansion"? Cases don't expand, so if they fit X number of hard drives, then that's all they can do. If they fit a certain graphics card, then they do. They can't expand. If you mean you want to add another optical drive or hard drive in the future, then you should be fine because 99.99% of the ATX cases on the market have more than 1 drive bay of each size.

    LED lights, etc? These come with the case and are already hooked up. All you have to do is plug in the power cables for the stuff.

    Fans louder with a window? Not necessarily. A loud fan is a loud fan, regardless. And a quiet one is quiet. Some cases are definitely more quiet than others (ie-Antec P180), but that's not necessarily due to a window or not, it's due to their build quality and materials. I'm sure a few people will argue a window is louder, and while that's technically true, the sound difference when listening in a normal room with your headphones or speakers on and gaming, for example, the reality is you will never hear the difference.

    Poor units? Generally ones that cost less than $50 regular price. There are a few exceptions, but they usually suck. Slip once putting the mobo in and your hand will be sliced and bleeding.

    If you want a decent case/PSU combo, then get the Antec Sonata II. It's a quality case, no frills, good PSU. Usually can get it for less than $100 combined. If you separate case and PSU, then you'll pay at least $150 for both. Keep in mind though, combinations case/PSUs usually mean the PSU can't handle the high-end stuff. So if you're planning on getting an 8800GTS for example, don't get this combo. But if you want a mid range card then it should be fine.

    Honestly, it all depends on your budget. If you can spend X amount of money, we can suggest many cases. But that list will be very different if you can spend Y amount. There are cases for every budget, so that's your biggest determining criterion.
  9. "LED lights, etc? These come with the case and are already hooked up. All you have to do is plug in the power cables for the stuff."

    Do these power cables plug into the PSU itself or into a socket on the MoBo some where? And what about Power Consumption I have to know how much power they will use so I know I'll have enough for every thing else.

    Thanks for the info. Skyguy
  10. Quote:
    Do these power cables plug into the PSU itself or into a socket on the MoBo some where?

    The MoBo has a header for them unless they are on a fan then the fan power covers them.

    And what about Power Consumption I have to know how much power they will use so I know I'll have enough for every thing else.

    Tell me what you are gonna install and I can answer that a little better.
  11. I just need to know how much power the LED Lights generally use. I dont know for sure about all the other components yet.
  12. Quote:
    I just need to know how much power the LED Lights generally use.

    Power consumption is negligible. U could put 25 on there and not notice the power draw.
  13. Thanks Mascann!

    Im looking at the Xion II Black ATX Mid-Tower

    Im planning replacing the PSU with something else, probably what ever is on sale and delivers.
  14. U might give a look at the Antec Sonata II. It is not the flashiest(is that right), but it comes with a 450W PS that will do the job unless you are gonna game w/a massive video card.
  15. Yep, like I already said....Antec Sonata II. Not flashy, but it's good and affordable.

    Beyond that, if you wanna go separate, look at a Thermaltake or Apevia (Aspire) case, along with an FSP or Hiper PSU, probably 500w.
  16. If you intrested in the 180 here a link for blems but good case abd at only 75$
  17. Oh THOSE. I thought they got rid of them with the new revisions.....humph.

    Just take them out and toss them. Not needed. Works on paper, but not in practice. Air flow shrouds. Ended up being a pain in the A$$, nobody uses them, and in some instances they actually hinder airflow.

    That case actually has a fair bit of room. Nothing flashy, but it's a great performer for the price. Again, depends on your budget. You can buy a case and PSU separately (and alot of people do just that), but it costs a bit more $$. But if there's a case that you absolutely love, then get it. And then get a decent PSU. Better to spend an extra $50 and you're happy for 2 years than save that bit of cash and hate your case. That bit of extra $$ is an investment in your satisfaction with your system's aesthetics and features, so if you have your eye on a particular case then consider going that route.

    If, however, your budget is really tight and you're not so concerned about getting the perfect case this time around, then the Antec Sonata II is a good investment.

    There is no right or wrong answer. It simply depends on what you value, and how much you can pay for that.
  18. I put my wifes computer in a Sonota II, it's an OK case, kind of small. The PSU is OK if you aren't going to have a massive graphics card or aren't going to seriously overclock. If you go for this case, definitely get rid of the air ducting junk, it impeded airflow even when I installed the fans in it. Also consider getting a 120mm fan for behind the HDD cage. Unfortunately you can't put it in front of the HDD cage, so it's not directly drawing fresh air from the outside of the case, but I think it helps. Again it's a pretty cramped case, with no place to really hide/route cabling.
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