Mainboard or Ram problem? Need support please!

I made this system:
Asus p5n32-e sli 2
intel core 2 duo e6600
asus en8800tgs
1g x2 kingstone kvr800s2n5/1 (that are in the mainboard QVL).

After installed windows xp i got a lot of stability problems:

- A lot of corrupted files (crc error during installing sofware from dvd)
- Crash playing games like rainbow six vegas

After these problems i tested memory with memtest, S&M and memtest86
All 3 detect problems on rams.

i tried to test each memory bench alone in two different memory slots:
the 1#bench got a lot of memory copy errors
the 2#bench always at 80% of the test power down computer
this effect was got with all 3 diagnostic software.

What do you think about?
Is possible that both bench were corrupted? Sound strange for me.
Do you think that can be a motherboad problem?

Do you have some suggestions?

Thank you,
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  1. Update your bios. Most 680i bios' were plagued with sata issues that cause data corruption. Update your bios and start over from scratch and everything should work fine.
  2. Also, what model number power supply are you using?
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