Gigabyte motherboards drivers for windows 7

Hello,does gigabyte Maynord model GA-8IEX supports Windows 7 or not?
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  1. Hello, and Welcome to Tom's Hardware!

    Well, that is an older 478 motherboard hardware item.

    What you should do is download and run the MS Win-7 Upgrade Advisor.

    Here is the link

    It will check your system, components,etc and tell you if Win-7 will work on your computer, which components will not work, and which may need updated drivers.

    You would have to choose Win-7 32 bit because the 64 bit version requires signed device drivers, which almost certainly won't be updated.

    I checked a couple 478 computers last year, neither was recommended. Some folks have updated 478 Motherboards but you have to be computer savy to find, download, adapt, and install the various drivers.

    Take a look and download the advisor. Price is right, and you can uninstall it if you don't want it when done.

    Hope that helps!

    Details and Support on your board found Here ^

    It supports up to Xp 64 bit,but there are no vista or seven drivers,so i would not recommend installing 7 on this!

    Welcome to the Forum :hello:
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