DVR with mATX

Can believe that I am not done with last system, already planning another one. Using parts that did not get used in 1st build. I am looking at somethings so here is the list:

Intel P4 506 - have
Maxtor 100 GB SATA - have or Seagate 300 mb ATA-100 - have
Antec TP 430 W - have
no name Gforce 6600 256MB AGP 8x - have
2nd cd/dvd-rom LG 52 cd-r/32 cd-rw/16 DVD read - have
1st maybe only DVD Dual sided dual layer - have. This case only takes 1 5.25 device

Asus P5PE mATX MB $55 or
Athenatech A100SC $60 includes crappy 200 W PSU. I will give it away or have it a home
Cooler Master Centurion mATX case $50

What you do think so far?
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  1. Assuming DVR means "Digital Video Recorder", what are you using to get the video into the machine?
  2. I think the Centurion looks better. :)
  3. Good catch. I have a hauphage 150 w/ Beyond TV and Firefly remote. I hope to fine MCE but my source at M$ says the company store does not carry it any longer.
  4. Can you not pick up an OEM copy for cheapy cheapy somewhere?
  5. Quote:
    Can you not pick up an OEM copy for cheapy cheapy somewhere?

    Yes I can buy it. Cheaply sort of, check these 2 deals
    MCE w/ Vista Upgrade
    MCE w/ Remote
  6. That's cheapy! Especially given what you get for the money!
  7. Which one? I want to get Vista ( someday) and not sure I would use the remote since I have the firefly.
  8. I like the MCE remote, but each to their own.

    I'd probably recommend the one with the Vista upgrade if you're planning on upgrading at some point. Remember, once you've got the Vista disk you can just stick it in a cupboard and wait till SP1 before installing :)
  9. Yes the Vista upgrade wins out.
    Should get the Asus or live with the ECS P4M800PRO-M v 1.0? Seems about 50/50% if it is good or bad.
  10. I'd lean towards the Asus. Generally better build quality than ECS (having owned mobos from both manufacturers...)
  11. Things have changed a little. I got rid of the AGP card and now will get a PCI-e, probably a x1900 series. Do they make a good AIW 1900 yet? And a good mATX MB. Still needs to be LGA 775 but rest is open, I think.
  12. They do make an AIW X1900, yes.

    Mobos to look at;

    Asus P5LD2-VM
    Gigabyte GA 945PLM-S2
    Gigabyte GA 965GM-S2

    That's just a quick sample from looking on - so there are likely to be quite a few more decent ones out there! :)
  13. I like the Gigabyte board, other 2 are 945 chipsets.

    Hard to find the ATI All-In-Wonder X1900 Video Card, and $300 seems high for a level 2 card.
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