x850 pro - atitool lagg issue?

Hello again, it's the noob!!! Well for the latest installment of issues I've been having some trouble with the ati tool and my x850 pro. I've read on the ati tool forum that there have been other documented problems with these cards and the fan/temp control monitoring portion of the app. causing a keyboard / mouse lag when enabled. so I disable them and it still doesn't go away. when I don't run ati tool everything is fine. I've tried v.24 / v.25 beta 14 and the new v.26 and they all seem the same. I've got a new cooling system being delivered today :D and would like to try a bit of overclocking thru this app, but I can't seem to have any sucess with just running it normally. i'm sure this will end up bad but I still want to try it. Do any of you out there have any suggestions or tricks up your sleves? I'm running the latest ati drivers for my card (i don't recall the #) but i driver cleaned and downloaded the new again last night and tried it all over but to no avail. The test game I've been using is CS Source and it normally runs kick-a$$. It still looks good with the ati app running but just keeps going in the direction once you let off the w,a,d,s keys and the mouse almost doesn't control the look ever. sorry for the wordy post but the noob doesn't quite know all the lingo that well. accept noooooooooob!! and that this problem is "uber gay". :? Thanks in advance to whomever

W3RD!!! 8)
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  1. I had no problem with my X800Pro and have no problem with my X850XTPE using AtiTool.

    Have you tried the Omega Drivers & ATI Tray Tools
    Use AtiTool to find the core & mem speeds you want without artifacts, then set them about 10MHz lower (if you went for Max. speeds) with Ati Tray Tool.
  2. Haven't tried the Omega drivers. Any tips on what they are and ohw to install them. Do I remove the Ati drivers then install the Omega ones. Sorry for the lame responce but I'm not that savy with driver installs/ cleaning. I haven't tried ATI tray tool either. I'll give that a shot too. Thank you in advance for your help mang! :)
  3. Yes, uninstall all the Ati drivers and then install the Omega drivers, they install like the Ati ones. You will need to download the WDM Drivers, needed for VIVO and AIW cards. LATEST WDM DRIVERS

    I've been running the Omega drivers based on Ati 6.3 for over a year now with no problems.
    They don't have the CCC, they have the old control panel, this is where Ati Tray Tools helps also.


    The purpose of the Omega Drivers is to provide gamers with an alternate set of drivers, ones that have more options and features than the original sets. The drivers contain optimizations, extra features (like OC capabilities), more resolutions and internal tweaks that can give them the edge in a gaming environment over the normal drivers, which are often tailored for synthetic benchmarks. All Omega driver sets are tested (unless noted) by myself in my own PC or in an alternate PC (in the case of the Nvidia drivers) to ensure maximum compatibility and reliability.

    I do this hobby in my spare time, since I have a personal life and a day work, so don't expect me to be up-to-date with everybody or everything, that means, don't send me E-Mail with questions like"When is the next set going to be released?" or "Are your drivers faster than "insert company here" drivers?", cause they will NOT be answered. When new official drivers are released by a company, expect an Omega release based on them, but don't expect a release date to be given, they will be ready when they are ready...
  4. Dude you are the man!!!!!! :trophy: :mrgreen:
    I uninstalled everything and threw in the Omega drivers and the Tray tool and I have fan control temp monitoring and NO LAGGGG!!!! jyeah!!!!! :D
    Thanks for the help and posting the links!! That made it really easy!!! I would give you +rep or something if I could. Not sure if this site has anything like that. Thanks again mang!!!!!!

  5. :D

    Your welcome!!!

    Glad it worked well for you.
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