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So I have been noticing this sudden up rising in apple products and the ignorance of their users and I just cant keep my mouth shut anymore. (feel free to do that same, thats why I started this thread : ) All i hear and see everywhere I go is massive amounts of marketing on behalf of Apple stating that macs are for Hip/trendy socialites and PC's are for Lame, acne ridden Anti-Social losers along with the product image that macs are vastly superior machines. All though this couldn't be any farther from the actual truth of it I still have had many conversations with the A-Typical mac user and they always go the same way. Full of statements like "they just work" or "macs dont crash" or even the infamous "macs dont get virus's" all of which are statements that have been directly adopted from the elitest womb of the apple marketing campaign and none of which can ever provide any factual basis to actually back up their claims. So all I can think to do is break it down as black and white as I possibly can and ask for all opinions ( mac users please only comment if you have something to say that actually has factual basis and I havnt heard it a million times before or isnt a direct quote from a mac commercial.thanks)

1-COST. For this segment I will compare a top end custom built PC Vs. a Mac of equal specs from the official Apple website.

Mac Pro
CPU-3.33Ghz 6 Core Intel Xeon (haha i still laugh about macs using intel CPU's, well i guess they never really made their own anyways (Power PC was made by IBM)
GPU- 2X Radeon 5770

Sorry for the lack of info, the great overlord Steve Jobs doesn't really disclose alot about the hardware he uses...(go figure)

Total $6071.00

Custom Built
MOBO-EVGA Classified SR-2 270-WS-W555-A2 LGA 1366 Intel 5520 SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 (mac does not offer either sata 6GB/s or USB 3.0, this board has both)
CPU-3.33Ghz 6 Core Intel Xeon
RAM-12 GB (4X3) Corsair Dominator DDR3 2000 (PC 16000) (much better performing/higher quality than the conventional 1600Mhz ddr3 used in the mac system)
GPU- 2X MSI R5770 Hawk Radeon HD 5770 1GB 128-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 2.1 x16 HDCP Ready CFX (better quality and HDMI, which mac refuses to support)
HDD- Western Digital Caviar Black WD1002FAEX 1TB 7200 RPM SATA 6.0Gb/s 3.5" Internal Hard Drive
PSU- ABS Majesty series MJ1100-M Continuous 1100W@50°C ATX12V/EPS12V 80 PLUS GOLD Certified, Single 12V Rail (much better quality and higher output than mac)
AUD- ASUS Xonar Essence STX Virtual 7.1 Channels PCI Express x1 Interface 124 dB SNR / Headphone( much higher performance and quality than integrated mac sound)
BLU-LG Black 10X Blu-ray Burner - Bulk SATA WH10LS30 LightScribe Support (another mainstream technology apple refuses to acknowledge and does not offer)
CASE-Corsair Obsidian Series 800D CC800DW Black Aluminum / Steel ATX Full Tower Computer Case (just as aesthetic as the mac case, if not more)
OS-Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate Full

Total $4,182.87
Price difference $1,888.13

I think this is simple enough for even the most ignorant mac user to realize that the custom build is comprised of higher quality/better performing components while offering many very use-full mainstream technologies that Apple refuses to acknowledge even exist( marketing, they want you to buy their own proprietary dead end technologies) while somehow still managing to offer a $1,888.13 savings over the under performing mac pro. The extra must be for the shiny case and social status.

*I'll give it to the mac that that their OS (not even totally theirs, based off UNIX) is very good looking and simple to use but this is also part of the problem as the mac OS is designed towards the computer illiterate and is actually quite limiting and very pointlessly laid out to anybody who has half a clue as to how to actually run windows.( no right click, goofy dock that doesnt differentiate between running programs and icons, programs dont actually close when i press x, no real full screen, drag and drop doesn't actually copy files just creates shortcuts and buckets full of other stupid little quirks that annoy the hell out of me)

* It's better?? I think not, this pre conception comes from the masses of brainless mac users who hopped on OSX with a hand full off retard proof built in software and managed to make a movie, not necessarily better just easier ( in the opinion of the mac user easier = better)

*Compatibility...HA, good luck interfacing with anything that doesn't have an " i " in front of the name. This is part of apples marketing scheme aswell, yes they will eventually do what you want (most of the time) but only if you buy the i-this and i-that from the apple store (which will cost twice as much, starting to see the trend??)

*Crashing. The difference between a pc based on Windows crashing and a Mac is that on the pc the crash is in 99% of the cases caused by badly coded third party software, when the Mac just has a faulty operating system. Why else would Apple themselves run their india website on Linux RedHat?
There is another fun part about crashes on the mac, it's almost always impossible to trace the source of the crash. When your mac crashes you simply reinstall the system. Sounds like a fun thing to do in your spare time, well buy a Mac then!

*Charging for service packs. Rediculous especially when you consider what the differences are between one and the other (not much)

3-Virus's. This one is very simple, macs do get virus's just not as many as PC's because there are not as many macs as PC's. If you were a virus writer why would you write code for a machine no one has ?? If anything mac's are actually more subceptible to virus's due to the fact mac openly advertises the fact you do not need anti-virus software and actually does little to nothing as far as built in securities... they even ship with their firewall turned off!!!!

4-Upgrading and customizing. Non Existent, with a mac what you buy is what you get. Yeah you can upgrade(slightly) but the prices are so astronomical that you might as well just get a new machine.

5-Software. The amount of software titles for mac platform are very limited and generally cost alot more than their windows based counterparts. Yes macs can now run windows in boot camp which allows macs to run windows software but isn't installing your most hated badly talked about competitors software kind-of like admitting defeat ??

6- Repair. Yes applecare is great, I wont argue with that. How ever after your 1 (or 3 years if you paid the extra $400) is up you are S.O.L. $1,100 to replace a burnt out GPU...yeah not for me.

7-Gaming. Yeah it's the number 1 talked about reason although it may not be the most important to some people which is why I put it last. All the same mac's have a major game deficiency. There are next to no major labels directly for the mac platform, yes you can run windows games in boot camp. Still whats even mac about running windows games in windows on the X86/X64 hardware mac's stole from the PC world because they couldn't hack it with their own hardware. Again shiny cover, social status and astronomical price tag come to mind.

Well folks that really about all I have to say on this matter. If i missed anything please feel free to continue where I left off.
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  1. I think mac is trying to compare Apples offerings to HP,Dell,etc. not to the custom built machines. which if you look at it that way the mac may look better. but I doubt that it is. The art of Public relations firms does work and the do pull the wool over the eyes of even the most Savvy experts. or the industry would never hire them. Pr firms have more people to push products and technologies and do not have to be truly honest about what they say.
  2. Everyone knows Linux > PC > MAC > Cthulu
  3. CMI86, thank for you for saying what has been bothering me for years.

    I constantly come across people in my daily life that always argue with "Mac's don't get viruses" which is completely false. As well, the cost of apple computers are riduclously high, your absolutely right on that point too.

    And I'm by no means anti-apple. I love my ipod and I plan on buying an ipad 2 , but I will never own an apple home computer :).
  4. I don't want to sound like a dick, but you missed 1TB on the custom build. However, there's no way it's going to cost $1,888.
    I think pc's are great, but mac's have their place too (just not in gaming).
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