Hiper 580W HLC-2M1P-15 adapter HELP

Well I got all my parts for my computer yesterday. As I was putting it together I ran into a problem with a connector for the Hiper power supply HIPER HPU-4B580-MS ATX12V v2.2 580W. It has a 4 pin connector and not the 8 for the dual core pentium on my abit quad gt motherboard. Hiper told me I needed the adapter and I can get one from xoxide.com. Well they said they wont have one for 2 to 3 weeks, this really blows! Are these 8 pin plugs something new? You would think they would come with one they came with several other plugs. I guess the only thing I can do is get another PSU if I can't wait because I can't find one of these adapters anywhere except UK and that company does not deliver to the US.

Any suggestions on a new one that will have all the connectors I'll need.
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  1. I did google it and found some but the way this powersupply splits it off is different and I was not sure it would work. However I did make headway and the manufacture is sending me a free of charge adapter...woo hoo.
  2. http://www.xoxide.com/hiper-p8-adapter.html

    This is the connector Hiper said I need. I've looked at my ABIT manual and there is nothing, only thing it says is it's gotta be an 8 pin. Just messing around last night I did get the 4 pin to plug into one side of the 8 pin like you said, it would only plug into that side and not the other. My processor is a Core 2 Duo E6600 2.4GHz LGA 775 Processor
  3. mpilchfamily I crossed my fingers and pluged in the 4 pin where it fit on the abit quad gt and it works. Is the 8 pin for a quad processor?
    Thanks so much for that tip, learn something everyday! I'll still plug in the 8 pin when I get it but at least I have a running PC for the time being.
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