US Robotics Max-G Router (USR9108) Help Required Please!!

Hi all...

I bought a US Robotics Max-G Wireless ADSL Router/Modem that is manufactured and designed for 125Mbps performance.
After setting it up correctly and having installed the compatible high speed pc cards from US Robotics in our 2 computers, as well as the host, my signal is absolutely pathetic.

Having only ever gained a maximum of 54Mbps and "Excellent" signal strength on a few isolated occasions, I have now been left with a top speed of 36Mbps and a "Low" connection.

I have a 12dbi range booster installed and no matter where I position it, this still has no influence whatsoever. It was my understanding that this product would output a maximum of 125Mbps data transfer speed.
Why is this not the case? Does anyone know anything about this?

Please help me. US Robotics are useless with after sales support and I am not technically minded enough to resolve this.

Thank you. I appreciate it.

Richard. :cry:
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  1. What is your physical layout? That is, where is your router compared with each of your computers? Are there floors / walls / bookcases, etc. in between and how many?

    Have you done a site scan to see what wireless networks your neighbors have running and what channel they are on? Do this scan at the location of your router and each of your computers.

    Do you have a 2.4GHz wireless telephone set in your house?

    Are your router and/or computers near kitchen appliances, such as a microwave?

    If you turn off the high speed Max-G mode, and run at standard 11g, what is your performace?
  2. Hi there...

    We do not have any cordless phones in the house, the router is in my mum's bedroom which is 2 rooms adjacent to mine, hence 1 wall a 2 doorways to pass through.

    I am not sure how I do a 'site scan' to check for neighbour networks in the immediate area and I am not exactly sure how to turn on and off the high speed mode you refer to.

    Sorry.. I really am not clued up with networking. Please can you advise me further?

    Thanks, Rick.
  3. Go to your control panel on one of your wireless networked computers.

    Open Network Connections. Find the connection for your wireless adaptor. Right click on that, and select View Available Wireless Networks.
  4. Download a copy of NetStumbler. Allow it to run for at least 10 min to get a full scan.

    Something is definatly wrong. I have their USR5450 AP. I can cover 4 walls 50' and still have a 125mbps connection on low power. It only has a 5dbi antenna.
  5. The speed rating throughput doesn't mean anything.
    Most people connect to the internet via broadband, which is almost
    always under 1 mbps.

    You really should look at how often and how long you get disconnected. Also I've noticed some manufacturer inflate the speed throuput, to make the customer think they are getting a better connection, and that their wifi adaptor is stronger.

    Whether you get a 125 mbps connection or a 35 mbps connection,
    or less, would not make any difference in your network configuration. As
    long as you are not being disconnected.

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