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Hi, I have put a fresh install of XP on my system and it won't connect to the internet. The green light on my nic card lights up, and on my dsl modem the light goes on there to indicate I have a connection. I have taken the nic card out and reinstalled it to see if the computer would connect to the internet and it still doesn't. I have taken the intire card out, enabled the onboard lan and still can't connect to the internet. I have cleared my cmos and started my machine and still can't connect to the internet. I disabled my onboard lan and went back to my independent nic card and still nothing. Can anyone out there help me. I am so frustrated by this as I have no idea what the cause is. My MB is still functioning all except for my connecting to the internet which has baffeled me. I need help and don't want to have to by a new MB.
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  1. Are you connecting directly to your DSL modem, or going through a router? When everything's connected, start a command prompt (Start>Run>type "cmd" [Enter]) and type "ipconfig /all", this will allow you to see if you're receiving an IP address from your modem. If you are getting an IP, try to ping your modem (also from a cmd prompt, type "ping" (or whatever your modem's IP address is).

    Also, double check to make sure that you're only using one of your NIC's, either the onboard NIC or the PCI NIC, but never both.
  2. I am connected directly to my dsl modem and I only haver one nic card enabled. The onboard I disable through my bios setup.
  3. I would say he should check with his ISP. Not all ISPs use PPPoE authentication for DSL. Some are 'always on' like cable modems.

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  4. you may have XP's firewall in place, which may block access. check if it's on and if it is de-select it.

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  5. Call your ISP and ask if there is an IP assigned to your DSL modem (something like 192.168.X.y).... if it does have an ip, assign ur NIC a static IP same as that of the DSL modem except the last digit. Last digit should be anything between 1 and 254 but different from that of DSL modem.

    Try to ping the DSL modem and if it works, at least you can be sure that ur NIC and the cable are fine.

    Then call ur ISP and ask them if they can c any login attempts from u on their system... and they should gbe able to sort it out...
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