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Hey all,
I play games like counterstrike on the net and live in the boonies. I pay 35 bucks for 384kbps cable - yeah... anyhow, my pings fluxuate nastily, 30ms to 200ms in half a second, just a constant up and down. I've been screwing with speakeasy's speed test. Incoming connections look like stuttering porky pig but my outgoing flows very very smoothly.
Like said, I pay for 384k, I get 384 rarely, but even when I do, it stutters still, kinda like a sizemograph(?) when an earthquake is happening - I can understand that neighborhood congestion may play a part, for in the evening hours (i.e. people comming home from work, kids from school using the net), my connection is as good as a 56k, yet no matter what, outgoing is smooth and above 300kbps. I've tried the connection on a different PC and it turned out to be the same.
I just moved where I had roadrunner through Adelphia (eastcoast) which was amazingly smooth and fast, incoming and outgoing on both PC's I spoke of, so I'm almost forced to rule out my PC nic cards and such, so do cable modems act up like this or is it my ISP? It's very odd to have outgoing @ higher transfer rates than incoming as I see it - yet where most people recieve more than send, it's not supprising sending data is smooth.

Any thoughts?
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  1. Discovered something else.
    Under network connection and the category "Broadband" I have my passworded logon, I do not have to logon to be on the internet, yet when I do, I have no "loss" in game... lower kbps, yet smooth incoming, though when i do not click on this icon and log in, I have loss of 40 - 60% - voice in-game is choppy as if someone is strategicaly tapping on and off the "talk" button - I'm wondering if this could be a settings or hardware confiction problem.
    Under the "Lan or High-Speed Internet" bar on the Network Connections screen, I have a 1349 Network Adapter (enabled) -and- a Local Area Connection (realtek nic) (enabled).
    Loging into my account, loss is at 0 and the connection is weak yet stead(er).
    Not loging into my account, loss is 50+ and gittery as hell.

    Can anyone gimme' a clue as to what is going on?
  2. Realtek is a low performing chip. You might want to get something better.
    You can use an old PC as a router. If you use m0n0wall your speeds will improve considerably. But m0n0wall is not for beginners. Other options are Clarkconnect, IPCop, etc.
    It is true performance diminishes when people start coming home turning on their TV's and computers.
    You might want to have the cable company check the line also.
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