Suggest a 19" plz

Hay guise!!!
Sry 4 posting this in h/ware, but i need sum advice and couldnt get help from CE

Time to ditch ye olde 17" benq and get a 19"

Id prefer to stay 4:3, but if ne1 has good results with WS im open 2 suggestions.

Was looking at the Samsung 931c, but have heard some questionable things :evil:

In 19's i got a Samsung 940n and acer AL1916 WS at work, and i dont mind the 940n, but this will be used for games, and i cant test it.

So i need a 19" LCD, 70% gaming 30% for porn (ooops, did i just type that?), DVI-D, prefer 4:3.
Wanted to stay around the 12x10 = good fps with my current setup, so 22" or 16x10 is too much :(

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  1. I just got the 941 BW.
    Even has a rebate(didn't when I bought it).
    However I'll get it still.
    Anywho 4 ms refresh and under $200.
    It's widescreen so it's your call but I like it.
  2. Hmmmm you say 70% gaming and you want dvi and 4:3 ... well IMO only one way to go ... Viewsonic VX922 ... amazing speed (great gaming) and wonderfully bright colors .... when I was shopping for a lcd I was looking at Samsung, LG, Acer and the VX922 simply put them to shame. Great monitor, maybe a bit more expensive but well worth it.
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