K9N Neo, OCZ PC2 6400, NVidia 550 chipset, more timming.

Time to say something good about MSI, nice board. The fault is mine. h'OK... I got the timming sequence CAS, tRCD, tRP(=tPrecharge Delay?), tRAS, but there's more in the MSI bios. It feels unfinished although its working, no benchmarks but... better. There are 3 more timming settings that I have no reference for, TRRD, TRC, and CMD-ADDR. I left them on "AUTO" simply because I am to lazy to wantta do a "reset" on the CMOS. Any pointers? OCZ site helpful but no corellary reference. Tamatoe Tomatoe?

So many timmings, so little time.


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  1. Talk about a trip down the rabbit hole... What happened to the good ole days of making changes in the bios then locking it down with a password? Tried the MSI GUI for clocking and saw 1.85v for the memory bus. So I changed it to 2.0v. This is wrong for my memory and it wont let me change it in the bios. Ran the nvidia ntune and it reported 2.77v so I dropped it back to 1.85v and watched in ntune and it is still clocking hot at 2.55v. What can I say? I would be nice to not have to try a fuzy anything in an already challenged GUI. Maybe a boot disk utility? I am wondering where do I go next? Is the bios right? Is the MSI utility right? Is ntune right? I uninstalled both. Dr. Hardware threw some really cool errors. Not while testing but after a few reboots. Anyone have any ideas? I saw someone mentioned memtest86 but running an prime number generator seems a bit inefficeint to determine a simple "yes" it crashes or "no" it doesn't crash after 267days, 21 hours, 32 minutes, and 27 seconds. If thats the case running that program as a diagnostic seems terribly inefficient to gage something that runs in nano and peco seconds. I recently saw that MSI had a new driver utility for the AM2 for 32bit OS and installed it. nTune really screwed things up ha to resort to a cloned hardware profile to resurrect. Hope it's gone. At least now it seems stable... as long as I don't play any games.
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