Hi, any opinions welcome, new gaming rig...

I'm planning in the next few weeks to upgrade an x800pro and 3500 Athlon64 to a e4300 and 7900GTO, with 1MB 6400 RAM, 4-4-4-12, GA 965P-DS3 motherboard, and a Scythe Infinity cooler. And yep, planning to overclock, probably after I've seen how badly Supreme Commander plays! I'll probably get another 1GB RAM in six months or so.

I plan to recycle the case, since it's keeping my 3500 at 29C overclocked to 2.4, 44 under load, so something doing OK there. And it's seriously quiet for a cheapo case. Also will recycle my Enermax 480W Noisetaker, will this be enough power?

I should be able to get all this for about £400 ($600?) (I like to do things on the cheap).

Am I missing anything? Anything I should change? I'm looking for cool and quiet, so if there's a better cooler I should get, I'd like to hear about it. I'm told any tower cooler is good with a fan, but I heard the Coolermaster Mars is something special? Also the Arctic Cooler 7 is noisy? (but it's a third the price of the Infinity). Is it true I can only use two RAM sticks with the Infinity..in that case, should I get 2GB x 1GB sticks? Also, is the Infinity fan speed controllable?

Should I wait another few months for 8800's to go down in price, and the e4300 to drop? I can afford to wait for a few months. Or is the time to buy now, dammit, buy, buy buy!

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  1. It's generally a good idea to get 666/667mhz ddr2 for moderate overclockers. See, if you want 3ghz out of the e4300 with multipler 9 & fsb 200:

    9 x 333 = 2997 or rounded to 3.0ghz

    333 x 2 = 666 = 1:1 cpu/ram ratio, in other words, BEST bang for the buck.

    If you get the 6400 ddr2, your target fsb would be 400 fsb to get 1:1 cpu/ram ratio. 9 x 400 = 3.6ghz. 400 x 2 = 800mhz (ram). It'd require EXCELLENT cooling in the case, on cpu & on chipset (965).

  2. yeah you might wait a while (a month or so) if you can for
    the videocard, buy it last.

    your enermax psu should power a 79gto fine.
    but it depends on if/what videocard you end up getting.
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