Massive Re-tooling of my rig. have some questions

Hello everyone.

Ok, My current P.C. was custom built for me by a local mom and pop computer shop. However, I'm ready to take the plunge and basically rebuild my system. I have moderate pc knowledge, since my initial purchase of the pc i have upgraded the video cards, added zalman coolers to one of them, new sound card, and installed a new hard drive. So i know my way around my case.

Heres my dilema. My tax return will be arrive soon and im going to rebuild my system. here are my current specs.
Case: THermaltake Tsunami Dream
PSU: Aspire 680w sli psu
CPU: AMD 3500+
RAM: 2 Gigs corsair pc 3200
HDD: 160 WD
HDD2: 250 WD
GPU: 2x BFG 7900 GT's in SLI
SOUND: XFI platinum
MISC optical drives.

Im going to purchase the following next week. (im listing these verbatim from my cart)
MOBO: EVGA 122-CK-NF68-AR LGA 775 NVIDIA nForce 680i SLI ATX Intel Motherboard - Retail
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 Conroe 2.4GHz 4M shared L2 Cache LGA 775 Processor - Retail
RAM: CORSAIR XMS2 2GB (2 x 1GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800 (PC2 6400) Dual Channel Kit Desktop Memory - Retail
NEW OS: Microsoft Windows Vista 64-Bit Home Premium for System Builders Single Pack DVD - OEM
*** also getting misc build stuff, thermal compound etc..

Ok heres the question (finally).
Im going to recycle alot of my old parts, namely the two hard drives, optical drives (DVD & DVDRW), the power supply, and the case. Since im going to recycle the HDD how do i go about installing the new hardware and new OS? Windows XP is installed on the 160gb haddrive as well as all of my games etc.

Heres what i was thinking about doing. i was going to gut my case and install the new hardware w/ the old hard drive. then install Vista, But i dont think that will work. any help would be AWESOME.

Slightly confused,
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  1. Bro: u can save ur self a whole can of worms and a ton of headaches by getting one of these Windows PC with Vista already installed for u:

    and those BFG 7900's are not dx10 compatible for ur future gaming needs. makes some really hi perf gaming machines i purchased a few of them for my friends.

    U can save your old pc to give to ur kids, or make it a tax deduction to ur local federation of the blind and deaf.

    copy ur old personal files over to a cd then transfer them to ur new pc with Vista and a warranty.
  2. Thats the thing, i dont want to BUY a new PC.... Jeez you would think you worked for alienware. Besides im spending about 950$ for this upgrade. And my 7900gts are MORE than enough for now. DX10 is not worth it yet. But i will be ready for DX10 w/ vista and my other hardware when it is worth it. So does anyone have any real help? PLEASE IM DESPERATE!
  3. Looks like a decent retooling.

    Are the hdds & optical drives IDE/PATA? If so, you have a few options:

    1 - get a IDE/PATA PCI card & plug either the 2 optical drives or the hdds in. However, the Windows on the hdds may not boot. It'd need a reinstall or repair install. If you plug the hdds in the onboard mobo IDE/PATA, they may boot.

    2 - plug the hdds in the onboard mobo IDE/PATA, put the cd/dvd drives in external usb enclosures

    3 - optical drives on mobo, get 2 SATA-TO-IDE adapters for the hdds to be plugged in onboard SATA

    Your psu ain't great.

    NOTE: For two GeForce 7900 GT-based graphics cards running in NVIDIA SLIconfigurations, a minimum 450W system power supply (with 12V rating of 28A) is recommended. Visit for more information.

    Get one of these that meet or exceed the requirements:;

    The 7900GT SLI or any old card will run Vista & games fine, BUT they won't take advantage of DX10 features such as SM4.0. If the DX10 games are backward-compatible with DX9, they can run on 7900gt, etc. Chances are they'll be. They'd be crazy to not cater to the majority of games that are on DX9 cards.
  4. The GameXstream 600W by OCZ - A legendary PSU...
  5. Whats wrong w/ my psu? its running my cards just fine. it has a combined 46A on the 12v rails? its plenty.

    its got more amps on teh 12v than the one recommended by the above poster. regardless im not going to be upgrading it now. its not in my budget. im spending just over 900 right now. W/ a baby on the way and a nagging wife i dont see myself spending more.
  6. I think what you're building looks great. I have a question, are your HDD's SATA? I think they probably are, I hope so cause that motherboard only has one IDE slot.

    Usually you need to reinstall Windows when you install a different motherboard. But since you are upgrading to Vista you might be able to boot your current copy of windows, and then upgrade it.

    However, my recommendation is to backup anything you really don't want to lose that's on that drive, then do a clean install of Vista. If you only have the upgrade version you can still do a clean install, have a look here.
  7. Your upgrades look fine, heck your "old" computer is better than my current rig. Everything has been been answered but your OS questions. If both HDD are still working on the new system, you could Install Vista on the second drive then find out which programs work with Vista. That is the simpliest without losing data. Next option would be to Dual Boot, problem there is your current XP install have to work with new hardware. Then boot in XP and load the Vista Disk. There are many articles on this, find on Google. If XP does not co-operate, move all the files to the drive you are NOT putting the OS's on and Re-install XP on the OS drive. Proceed with Dual boot at that point. Last option which I think you are trying to avoid is install Vista over XP.
  8. Thanks alot, you last two posters really helped. Oh, and yes both of my HDDs are SATA
  9. Sorry - didin;t see your PSUXD
  10. Currently (still) no sli support for older nvidia cards. Don't be disappointed. They'll get there, but might not be soon.

    Don't plan on getting your old OS to post on your new MB. The other drive should be 'ok' but don't plan on that either.

    Good luck...
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