How do I get my attempted overclocked x1900xt back to stock?

A few days ago I unlocked my x1900xt GPU and ran the ATI automated overclock configuration utility. My cpu fan has been making a horrendous noise for the past month and I have a Artic Cooler x2 fan on the way but when I run a game now my GPU temp can get over 90 degrees, even almost push 100 degrees. In ATI Overdrive under Graphics Processor Status it shows a requested of 621mhz (the lowest I can select), under Graphics Memory Status it shows a requested of 720mhz. I just wanna get this puppy back to stock settings and i've read places where people used ATI Tray Tools to do just that. How do I get back to default here?


Just noticed that while running a game it was trying to overclock my card to those requested settings listed above and the ENABLE ATI OVERDRIVE CLOCKS FOR 3D APPLICATIONS ONLY box is selected and grayed out. How can I uncheck that?
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  1. One way that ATi cuts down on temperature and power consumption under normal use is by means of 3D application detection and automatic clock changes. From Catalyst Control Center, there is no way to turn that off because otherwise the card would run in reduced mode (500/594) in games, which would result in poor performance. The clock speeds that you mentioned (621/720) are in fact the stock 3D speeds for an X1900XT. I just want to make sure you understand that lowing the 3D clocks below stock will result in a performance penalty.

    If you still want to lower the speed further, you can download a program called ATi Tool. I can't give specific instructions of how to use the program since I am using an older and slightly different release, but it is pretty easy to figure out. Still, I will give you a couple helpful tips.

    The first time you run this application, you will be prompted to disable automatic 3D clocks. Doing so will prevent the related ATi background services from running. You can then use ATi Tool to control the clock speed of your card manually with the sliders or via hotkey profiles that you create. You can also use it to control the fan speed if desired. Be sure to configure the program to run on startup, otherwise the Catalyst Control Center will take over clock controls again every time you restart your computer. Also, when you save a new profile, it does not automatically become the one that is loaded on program/system startup. You will need to change the startup options to use the desired profile.

    Let me know if you have further questions.
  2. Well if thats the case, that I have stock settings anyway and i'm reaching 100 degrees on my GPU my stock fan must not be doing it's job. I can run a game for more than 5 minutes before it hits the 100 degree spot and it attempts to reach the 621/720 settings (I moved the slidder on each all the way down to it's minimum not realizing that 500/598 isn't stock settings, it's below stock settings). So for instance I launched a game for a few minutes minimized out of it and my cpu temp was pushing 80plus degrees and was in the process of reaching 621/720. My fan must be about toast.
  3. When the Catalyst driver is allowed to manage the fan speed, it tends to be nearly inaudible. If you have not altered the fan control and it is making excessive noise, then something is probably wrong with it. With stock fan control, my card usually maxed at 90°C, and that was back in August when ambient temp was much warmer. What kind of noise the the fan make? At 100% speed, it should be a whiney sound, almost like a dust buster. Any grinding or audible vibration is definitely bad.

    I use ATi Tool to control the fan speed now relative to the core temp, and at 100% fan speed the temp doesn't go above 65°C with clocks of 655/792. That said, the stock cooler is capable of keeping the temps low if it is properly utilized. However, if your cooler is about to kick the bucket, I would not recommend making it work any harder. It would probably be wise to use ATi Tool to lock your clock speeds to their stock 2D levels or lower, and just not play games for a while. Once your Arctic Cooling unit arrives, you will be good to go.
  4. I'm almost certain it's the GPU fan. Over a month ago when going to turn my computer on my computer made a loud, crude noise....pretty much like a jet taking off. I didn't pay much attention to it at first but after checking my GPU temp and it's pattern of insane noise usually when I boot up and when I run a game. I'm almost a 100% the thing has had it. Good to know that 621/720 is the stock settings, thanks for the info.
  5. reinstall the drivers.
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