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Windows 7 RC or Vista

Hi guys,

I have ordered the parts and am building a new computer next week..I have a confusion over the OS..

1. Since MS has confirmed release date of Windows 7 RC by April 5, could I use a fresh install of Windows 7 RC, and then buy it when it releases..
2. Or should I buy Vista Home premium 64-bit now and then upgrade to Windows 7 after its release..
3. Or should I buy XP 64-bit and then upgrade to Windows 7 after its release..

Which one would you recommend guys and why?..
The problem here is I cant wait for the final Windows 7 to release..I need a OS to use till then..I would mainly be using my PC for gaming and entertainment..

Another thing is, if I were to go for Windows 7 RC, will my motherboard, CPU and other stuff support this RC..(I will be doing a clean install)

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    First Microsoft has not confirmed anything. By some leaked slides it is expected to be released on May5 not April.
    If I were You I would not waste money on Vista and try W7 RC when it comes out. Or You can download leaked from torrents now.
    I would not get XP x64 under any circumstances becasue of poor support. If You have copy of 32 bit you might use that until W7 comes out.
    If You do not own any OS then try W7. If that does not work out buy XP32.
    I am running W7 beta on two laptops and everyting is fine, better then Vista or XP. I am looking to switch to W7 RC when it is released on my main desktop PC which is currently running Vista x64.
  2. MS spokesman Brandon LeBlan has confirmed in a MS blog..
    check this out..

    I was about to buy Vista 64bit..and after reading this I sort-of put it on-hold..
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