Case Lighting for Antec Nine Hundred

I just recently purchased an Antec Nine Hundred case. I really like the case, but it is very dark inside. Is there anyone out there in THG forumz that has this case and can recommend some blue cold cathode lights for it?
(If you don't have this case.....What is a good brand of cold cathode lights?)
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  1. I bouught the extra 120mm fan for the side, ABIT quadgt that has blue lights, and my PSU lights up blue too. I thought about extra lighting until I started it up, it was plenty.
  2. so you really look at your case THAT much?
  3. Coming from the last 3 I put together was just a plain ole white cheap case...yes I like it a lot. I've wanted a pimped out case for a while. :D
  4. Thanks guys. I got the case for $65 from Comp-USA. (Couldn't refuse a deal like that!)
    I was just looking for a suggestion of cold cathode brands, but it looks like their all equal.
  5. damn I want to pimp my case too :cry: all I have is this:

  6. :wink: and yeah look here:

    you'll find everything you want :P
  7. I recommend:

    They will sleeve the power cord with any color you want for free.

    Xoxide is good too though.

    All lighting brands are NOT created equal though! I have 6 different 12" blue cold cathodes sitting around and no, they are not even close to the same.

    AC Ryan brand are very deep and true colors, but not very bright.
    Sunbeam are insanely bright but the colors arent as deep.
    Logisys are somewhere in the middle.

    I use AC Ryan in my case right now, but I use a 12" UV and a 4" UV. I didn't want the blinding light, just a subtle glow.
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