Putting X1950 into Shuttle SN45G

OK I'm planning on putting the Sapphire X1950 PRO AGP card into my Shuttle SN45G, which runs on an FN45 mobo. I know it will fit, because others have done it... see here: vvv


Now even though the card worked on his 200W PSU, I am upgrading to the PC50 SilentX 300W Power Supply, because I don't want to risk it. Here's the new PSU: vvv


Now, here's the question... Will my new PSU have enough connectors to accomodate the drive? On the site it says that it only has three of the 4-pin Molex connectors, and I will need one for my hard drive, one for DVD-burner, and two for the X1950. Now there are also 2 SATA plugs also, but is there is an adapter to convert those SATA plug-ins to the Molex 4-pins? Will I not be able to use my CD drive while the GFX card is plugged in? Is this site just crazy and does the PC50 have more than enough plugs for the card, a CD drive, and one or two hard drives? Please help me out, because if this becomes too much of a pain in the ass I'm just gonna buy a whole new Shuttle.

Thanks in advance,
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  1. hmm my 1650pro need at least 450watt psu it says and 1950 need 480 i think
  2. Though the cards do have a recommended size for your power supply, it is only an estimate/recommendation and is not set in stone. I know people that run 6800s, x800s, etc. on 250W no problem and the fella on that first link I wrote got his X1950 Pro working on only 200W (These SilentX PSUs are VERY efficient). Anways, I'm still debating if I should go ahead with m research and try to figure out if I should upgrade this PC or get something that is future-proof for only a few hundred bucks more. Here are a couple sites my friend led me to that gives an idea of power consumption, they might be of some help.




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