New build, how to benchmark

OK, I built my PC, specs in signature.

I'm not sure what I was expecting, but it doesn't seem as fast as I thought it would be.

What tools do you all use to benchmark performance and make comparisons to see if the PC is running OK.

I downloaded 3dMark06 and got a score of 3224, but the video tests had 7-10FPS which I thought was slow.

How do I know the PC is performing optimally?

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  1. did u load in and install a Vista compatible driver for ur vid card?

    my 1st reaction to benchmarking was compare ur new pc to ur old one.

    my 2nd reaction was, anyone can find the benchmarks that tomshardware uses by reading the "testing" articles. then do a search for the program name on google.
  2. I am running XP SP2 with latest ATI drivers.

    I did find the benchmark charts on tomshardware and my system seemed to perform above what they got.

    It just doesn't seem that fast!

    I will install the same software on my old PC. I know the new one is much faster since the old one has a Ti4600 vid card and an Athlon 2700+ CPU.
  3. on futuremarks website go to there ORB can put in your system specs and pull up others who have same specs as you and see there scores.
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