USB Flash Drive Problem

Hey Guys.

I have recently had a problem with my flash drive and it is unexplainable, it has me stumped.

My flash drive specs: Sahara edrive 512MB
Well This is the story

I was at work and my friend who i work with said that he could put a pass on my flash drive with his edrive flash driver disk and so he tried and now the flash drive is buggered.

When i put it into a machine it will install but as SiS150a device
but it neva used to do that it would just say installing Hi-Speed USB drive and then i could use it. But now windows doesnt read it as a flash drive and it says that the file system is unknown and well it is not readable.

Please any advice would be great appreciated
Thanks in advanced

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  1. The first I'd do is see if you friend can uninstall whatever he installed. If not, see if you can format it. I don't know if you format flash drives, never tried, but check the support site of you flash mfg
  2. I have tried to format it windows says there is no disk inserted and the program my friend used doesnt detect the flash drive.
  3. If you haven't done so, check the Support section of Sahara. They have a support Forum but you have to register.
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