Wireless keyboard with a Logitech MX700 mouse base unit?

Basically, I bought a Logitech MX700 Cordless Mouse a few years back and I'm wondering if it's possible to buy a wireless keyboard which could share the Mx700's wireless base unit. Is it? Or will I have to buy a whole new wireless keyboard and mouse set up?

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  1. Does no one have any idea?
  2. I have an iMon wireless remote and a Logitech wireless keyboard. They both work fine together. It may require you to insert a second USB RF transmitter into one of your free USB slots for the new keyboard, unless they are transmitting on the same frequency, which might be the case if you got input devices from the same manufacturer, in which case, they should both function fine.
  3. I have the MX700 combo at work. It came with mouse & keyboard. They both use the same puck (transceiver). Not sure if it will only work with one specific model of keyboard (MX700 keyboard) or any logitech keyboard.
  4. more new Logitech stuff is blue tooth as such the 27mhz receiver will not work with the 2.4 ghz keyboard...

    As for the MX700/Elite KB combo....there are 2 receivers and transmitters in there(well a dual setup....not like its is 2 boards and whatnot..the f/cap/num lock lights are the dead give away...they are not on the mx700 receiver)

    I suggest you get a good wired keyboard and keep the mx700 as is

    I will not go wireless with any of the current standards (except the FastRF 27 mhz) because 2.4 is just too crowded... Had the Logitech MX1000 mouse/keyboard for blue tooth. What a nightmare....play a game...make a mouse move and it would do the move a second after(not always....but enough to take it back)....

    Sure wireless usb comes out soon...supposed to be in the 3-4 area....
    Its time to end this 2.4ghz madness....the phones, wi-fi, blue tooth, wireless speakers, and microwaves(they don't use it...they just make lots of interference) just cant live together....
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