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Hi I have a fast cable coonection 15/2 and I have three computers and Vonage phone in my house using a Belkin 7231-4 router. The problem is that if im on the phone and trying to download a large file at the same time the phone call quality goes down and starts to break up, I can hear the person I called but they say that they cant hear me very good.

So do they make something that will give the phone bandwith priority over other things on the network so the phone call quality stays good? Some people I have talked to say that my router may not have the power to handle it and that a better router would help? Is this true?? I know they make gaming routers that give games priority over other things on the network, do they make something similar for phone calls? Or do I just not have the bandwith to download and talk at the same time? I thought a 15/2mb cable connection would be capable of this? Im willing to spend some money on a new router if I have to. I bought the Belkin when my old router died on me and I was in a rush just to get back online so I didnt do much research. Now that ive researched it, I know that not all routers are created equally and some perform much better than other sespecially on faster connections like I have. From what ive read the best performing routers are the Dlink DGL-4300 and Netgear Rangemax 240. Any others??
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  1. You need a router that will provide some form of QOS for the Vonage services. Since Vonage is not the access provider, they cannot do anything to the transport as far as QOS is concern. You will need to create the QOS on your router which will throttle down the bandwidth used by the NON-Vonage ports on your router. Thus, allowing more bandwidth to your Vonage service.
  2. Any reccomendations?? Im looking for the highest performaning router I can get that has QOS and cost under $125. It doesnt really matter if it is wirelss or wired, I have a Belkin 7231-4 wireless router that I can use as an AP for my notebook computer, the other computers are wired. From what ive been reading it looks like the Dlink dg-4100 may be the best performing router you can buy right now for around $120, ny other I should be checking out?
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