How can u set up an anti virus program with mini laptops that dont have a CD/DVD

hi guys,
so i want to ask a question? how can i set up an antivirus program with a mini laptop since they don't have a CD/DVD drive, i mean i already bought kaspersky Antivirus but it's a cd and since this computer don't have to insert CD's i don't no how to set it up :(
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  1. Get a usb dvd drive.

  2. If you have, or have access to, another computer, you might be able to install it through the network.

  3. You can download the trial version and then activate it with whatever product key you got.

    As an FYI, there are plenty of free antivirus programs that are just as good. Avira, MS Security Essentials, AVG, few others.
  4. ^ Have to agree, I really wouldn't spend money on an AV suite these days. Regardless, you may want to use DVD's with the machine in future, so it may be worthwhile investing in an external DVD drive.
  5. Kaspersky is outrageously priced.

    You can download Microsoft Security Essentials for free.
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