Problem with ATI card!!(infinite loop)!

hey all
i have a problem with ati2dvag driver. when i try run a movie or a game on my computer after few minutes my computer freeze's and a blue screen comes up saying ATI2DVAG.dll was stuck in infinite loop than im forced to reboot. in errors it says its recomended to upgrade drivers ive done that many times deleted old and installed upgraded ones still no change.
*using ATI card X850XT*
help needed urgently please respond
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  1. i have the same issue...i have a powercolor ati HD 3850 (512) and pretty regularly get random crashes in both WC3 and BF2 - but they dont seem to be load related, cause they happen at times when FPS is high and nothing is going on at all.

    everytime it seems screen freezes, sound starts repeating the last second's worth of things said or sound made, and then i get some crazy artifacts all over the screen and usually all I can do is force restart. from time to time the system will recover though after about 10-15 seconds, but this is rare. i made sure my powersupply is adequate to drive the card, and updated drivers, but i cant install the latest version that the ATI site leads me to because when i go to install it tells me it isnt compatible with my hardware or software or something.

    this is the error I get in my event viewer "The driver ati2dvag for the display device \Device\Video0 got stuck in an infinite loop. "
    I also get this "Error code 000000ea" which when i look it up is basically the same as what the other one tells me - that either my vidcard or vid driver is messed up.

    any ideas?
  2. I am having the same problem with an ATI 3850 AGP, usually it doesnt crash in games, however just in Windows it crashes quite a bit. Certain videos and websites seem to cause the driver to crash for some crazy reason. Were you able to resolve your issue?
  3. Haha youand me both,
    I have a hp pavilion a710n, came with windows xp. I Installed windows 7 last week and everything went well, at that time I noticed that I needed to install my graphics driver ati catalyst, so I put my cd in but got an error half way through. It said "severe" you must install standard VGA before attempting to install this again. I said what the heck because upon opening my device manager there were two display drivers installed, both standard VGA. Anyway I eventually installed ati drivers through some very complex modification. As a result I M now running my ati radeon 9250 card on windows 7, this is ver incompatible. Because ati is not making windows 7 compatible drivers for these cards were basically stuck. Now everytime I reboot, shutdown or hibernate I get a memory dump and an ati2dvag error Bsod. There is no fix for this because for one my motherboard drivers which on my model HP are only ever going to be compatie with xp and hp won't make a windows 7 drivers for my motherboard because it's a old comp why would they (they prolly could but no one would ever buy new machines). In either case,
    1. Your motherboard drivers are not compatible with windows 7 which then pvides opportunity for erroneous loops from any vid card yiou use.
    2. Try disabling smartgart, it's ati"s software but I doubt it will work
    3. Hangs ure power settings so it never hibernates or shuts down an hen just shut it down with ure power button ( might damage hardd drive)
    4. Take wha you will from this story but this is just anothr example of crusdy windows programing and universal software/hardware incompatibility.
  4. I had the same problem. I found that the bios had an option for HDMI, DVI or Auto. Auto is the default. However when I changed the setting to DVI, whcih I was using the problem disappeared and the computer seems to run faster.
  5. Same problem here, ATI Radeon HD3850 AGP/ Asus A8V-X/ WinXP SP3. CPU use at 100% most of the time, mainly with Safari. I had to uninstall Catalyst to stop BSODs.
    Any ideas ?
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