Problem with ATI card!(infinite loop)!!

hey all
i have a problem with ati2dvag driver. when i try run a movie or a game on my computer after few minutes my computer freeze's and a blue screen comes up saying ATI2DVAG.dll was stuck in infinite loop than im forced to reboot. in errors it says its recomended to upgrade drivers ive done that many times deleted old and installed upgraded ones still no change.
*using ATI card X850XT*
help needed urgently please respond
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  1. I had this BSOD 1 day ago. I was trying to install indeo 5.11 codecs over and over and it wasn't installing. The setup was freezing. At last I found dlls and register the codec manually.

    After that, i tried to play a game and it gave me that BSOD. However i couldn't make sure if it was really the codec because it never happened again.
  2. when installing ur old drivers, did you then use driver cleaner pro in safe mode to make sure there are absolutely no ati related files left??

    if you didnt, id try that.

    Uninstall the driver, go to safe mode, run driver cleaner pro, come back to normal mode, install new driver or another driver like the omega driver.
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