D Link DSL-G624T Router problem.....

We had this router working very well a few weeks ago but i notice it seems to be getting very hot underneath. I`m not sure if this is connected to my problem.

My problem is when we have my computer and my sisters laptop running wirelessly off this router it keeps on timing out, disconnecting and doing allsorts of strange things!!

I noticed today when the laptop was switched off that my desktop PC was working fine and its working fine now that the laptop is switched off however as soon as the laptop connects to the router then both of our computers are repeating a similar pattern of connecting for a while then timing out and then disconnecting. Sometimes i have to pull the plug out but even then it still plays up!

Any ideas as to what the problem may be?

Thanks for any help you can give
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  1. got the latest firmware from dlink?
    turn off the extra stuff, like upnp and other fancy featuers for testing
    make sure your router stays cool and also try resetting it
  2. Overheating routers will exhibit behavior like yours, but two computers should not be overheating it unless you are pushing a lot of data through it.

    Make sure there is plenty of room for air to move around your router and none of the cooling slots are blocked. You could even try directing a fan at it.

    In addition to the two wireless clients, do you have any computers connected to the wired ports?
  3. oh and make sure your neighbors are not leetching off your wireless connection or something, you can also try dropping your encryption levels for your wireless clients to make the packet payloads lighter

    do you also have the same problem if your'e connected through the ethernet?
  4. Cheers for the reply Tony.
    Its only 1 wireless feeding off it, my desktop PC connects to the router through the ethernet cable. We don`t have very fast connections, this line says its connected at 100mbps. Maybe i could use a wireless dongle in my desktop PC instead of the ethernet cable, would this make a difference?

    I`m 100% sure my neighbours wouldn`t be leeching as they are around the age of 90 although i would be very impressed if they worked out how to do it!

    Regarding the overheating. My router is sat on the floor, plenty of air, hardly any wires, although you can touch it when it gets hot, if it got any hotter you wouldn`t be able to touch it.

    I`ve read rumours about windows messenger making certain routers fail. This is interesting as i know my sisters uses it a lot.

    Even while i have been typing this the router has just disconnected itself!!!

  5. Quote:
    Maybe i could use a wireless dongle in my desktop PC instead of the ethernet cable, would this make a difference?
    Probably make it worse, if anything. If you already have one, give it a try - wouldn't hurt. If your router is getting that hot with that light a load, if I was going to spend any money, it would be on a new router. You might try connecting your sister's machine with a cable instead of wireless (at least as a test).
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