Haveing trouble installing windows7 home prem 64b on new system

First build finished putting everything together and then went through the settings in bios now trying to install wind7 home pre 64bit and when I insert the disk
"Loading operating system” comes up but it’s just sits in this screen for hours nothing happens

A prompt saying " press any key to boot from CD” is supposed to come up but doesn’t

All lights are on bios says everything is good and running but no action.

Any ideas?
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  1. BIOS isn't trying to install or run a complex operating system so it will appear everything is working whereas in reality, the memory may have a mismatch or the hard disk may not be accessible for lack of SATA drivers.

    You shouldn't see a "press any key" message if the install process appears to have started already. You could try a Linux LiveCD to test the hardware - burn a copy of PCLinuxOS which you can download free of charge at http://www.pclinuxos.com.

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