Mobo for Core Duo E6300 with 2 (Two) IDE drives

is there any Motherboard support Core Duo (E6300) with 2 (two) IDE drives, and of course with SATA II

because i want upgrade my PC, but have still my old HDD with IDE cable there's two of them one is 80 GB and 40 GB, and also i have DVD-RW and DVD-ROM

what i mean is , is there possible with mobo core duo support( i have check that there s only 1 IDE slot for all mobo core duo support 945 and 965 chipset) to connect all my four IDE drives , 2 HDD, and 2 DVD-RoM

i dont want use HDD IDE converter to USB for my HDD, i want to direct connet to the mobo

is there any solution for this ??

Pleaseeeee Help
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  1. Here's a list of mobo's based on the 975x chipset that will support 4 IDE drives:

    Click here for list

    Be aware that the 975x chipset will only recognized 2 IDE drives. The other 2 IDE drives will be controlled by a seperate JMircon chip. Therefore when you go into the BIOS you will only see 2 IDE drives. The other 2 IDE drives will be recognized by the JMicron controller after the BIOS has loaded and before Windows begin to load.
  2. There's also motherboards based on the nVidia 5xx chipset that also support 4 IDE drives:

    Click for list
  3. abit's IB9 965 based mobo uses an ITE brand IDE controller with 2 channels (4 devices)
  4. Easy answer would be to go with a 650i sli board. It has 2 native IDE channels as well as SATAII. Asus has theirs but MSI just started shipping their P6N SLI-FI board. I'd favor the MSI over the Asus if only because they've got cooling on both the north and southbridge and have a better feature set on the board layout (3pci slots, firewire). Hey if you've got $175 to spend you could go for a MSI P6N SLI Platinum and get even better cooling and e-sata. I'm stuck with the $125 range boards :oops:
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