Pentium D 805 build. Part Deux..

Alright, I got it all together last night and ran ORTHOS for a couple hours. All went well, so I set the FSB to 166 and restarted. Success boot into Vista at 3332mhz. Ran Orthos and Prime 95 together for a few more hours this morning and no issues.. Loaded a couple games and the Vista drivers for the Video card and on-board audio and off I go. Looks and sounds very good. All for under $1000. Now all I need is a new monitor to match and I will be set for 2007.

I wanted to thank all who post and answer questions for all of us that need the advice. I would not have made the choices I did without advice from several of you.

PS Any suggestions for a $250ish 19" LCD?
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  1. I have 2 Samsung SyncMaster 940s and really like them. Had to send a 740 back and Samsung sent the replacement to the closest UPS store, took the old one in and just swapped them. Took about 4 days. Sending monitors back if anything goes wrong is expensive but this was no cost.
  2. I just got this one for my GF. Great reviews even for a relatively no name company. Perfect out of the box with no dead/stuck pixels. Looks great and comes with all the cabling.
  3. If you can handle Widescreen, this Samsung 204BW has won the Newegg award for LCDs AND has Vista support.

    Exactly in your budget - 249.99.
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