7600GT fan noise

Have had the card for about 2 weeks. Fan ramps up occasionally and is rather loud. A half shrouded fan is loud by nature but this almost sounds like a bearing noise. I checked it with a piece of tygon as a stethescope and the noise appears to be coming from the exhaust and not from the fan hub.

For others with the 7600GT - is this card really loud? (sorry, but "really loud" is about as quantitative as I can get without any measuring equipment).
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  1. I have the same graphics card as you. It starts becoming loud when you start playing games or something, I am guessing its normal cause I never had any problems with it yet.
  2. I have a stock overclocked xfx 7900gt... same deal, its definately the loudest in my case... im thinking about either finding a BIOS update for it or to buy an aftermarket cooler.
  3. From the replies, it appears the noise level is normal for this card. Just wanted to make sure while it was still within 30 days.
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