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Possible Virus?

I have searched forums far and wide for the problems I am currently having.
1. My computer semi-locks up
a. It will not let me click the windows 7 start bar
b. I cannot open any programs
c. When i ctrl+alt+delete I have to hold them down to get to the page, meaning It will not let me select command prompt or anything else
d. I cannot right click or highlight
e. I cannot minimize or move windows around
2. The only way to shut down is to hold my power button or unplug.
3. When I use firefox it will open but when i click links nothing happens

I have my os on my SSD (80gb) and all my other stuff is on a HDD (1tb), and a back up external (1tb)

I have run Microsoft security essentials, it however thinks everything ok. Malwarebytes found something called spigot? I deleted that

Possible causes, Plugging my Droid X into my computer?

Please help,
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  1. Are you sure you pointing device is working?
  2. Yes I have tried 3 different pointing devices. 1 wireless, 2 wired. I tried them in all of my USB ports.
  3. ok. so when you say plugging my Droid X into my computer do you mean the problem only occur when Droid x is plugged in
  4. No I plugged in my Droid X to get some pictures off of it because I am too lazy to take out the battery and pull out the micro SD.
  5. Let me rephrase. The problem you observed, does it occur only when droid x is plugged to the computer or is it happening anytime?
  6. Anytime I was just thinking my droid could of or has a trojan and now its on my computer. It just happend now. (Im using my laptop to do this though)
  7. Can you list your system spec?
  8. Intel X25M 80Gb
  9. i7 2600k
    Intel X25M 80GB
    Seagate Constellation 1TB
    Radeon HD 6870
    OCZ Modstream Pro 700W
    Gigabyte P67A-UD3-B3
    8GB Ram
    Win 7 Home Premium
    Seagate 1Tb external Free Agent Go
  10. I can rule out ssd stutter and hardware performance problem. Is the system responsive but just can't click or not responsive and can't click.
  11. In responsive meaning If a window is still open ex. iTunes it still runs. However i cannot move the window. If i minimize it it is stuck on the bar. The mouse moves around fine. CTRL+ALT+Delete is really weird. Normally you just tap those buttons to pull up the task manager page with all the lock computer etc... In this case you have to hold them down and it will not let you select any thing. I tried arrow keys as well. Let me know if i need to clarify
  12. SSD stutter?
  13. Your ssd is not known to exhibit that issue.
  14. May take a while to find a solution. I am testing the solution on my side first.
  15. Ok I think you are getting problems with window 7 shell. Try to run cmd with admin right and type "sfc /scannow" and press enter.
  16. Ok, I know my user account is an admin (I checked) but I keep getting the message "You must be an administrator running a console session in order to use the sfc utility" Does this mean i need to go into safe mode?
  17. NVM, i right clicked an hit run as a admin
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    type cmd into the search box and press ctrl+shift+enter to run cmd as admin
  19. Ok I finished the scan, it says "windows did not find any integrity violations"
  20. Well ever since I did that My computer has been running fine, If it happens again I will PM you
  21. Did you scan the computer with anti virus and spyware removal tool other than Microsoft security essential? Also did you run a registry scan? Keep up the maintenance.
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  23. Malwarebytes just finished and it deleted something in my programfilesx86 common files (Spigot). However what ever scan you had me do fixed any other problems because I rescanned with the sfc /scannow after that file was deleted
  24. Yes, the spigot is the culprit. The window integrity check will manage the files from alteration and anti virus, malware will keep you from reinfection.
  25. Thanks for all your help
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