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Ok, im in need of a new Graphics card, one that can play Oblivion 4 no problem, but i dont know what i need. I think i can spend up to about 200, more if need be. My friend Recomended a Radeon X1600 PCIe 512 MB
I also Dont know how to check if i have a pci hook up thing. Any ideas?

(I have a XP)
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  1. I haven't been very familiar with the Oblivion revolution, but if your speaking of The Elder Scrolls (the newest), your going to come up very short with an X1600 combined with an XP CPU. You may look into the X1900 series or GF 7900 series and beyond for your needs; although the XP will be significant bottleneck on these cards.
  2. both the 1950pro and 7900gs are great card. both perform similar, sometimes depends on games (have to check vga charts)
    7900gs - $145 after rebate - great deal if you ask me
    1950pro - $180 after rebate
  3. perhaps he meant Windows XP :lol:
  4. Heh. I'd hope so 8O
  5. Yea, i meant Windows XP

    Anyway, ive orderd a new card, GeForce 7800 GT, & thxs Blacken, i ordered it mostly on your help
  6. Quote:
    im in need of a new Graphics card, one that can play Oblivion ...
    ive orderd a new card, GeForce 7800 GT

    Ouch, Hate to tell ya, a 7800GT isn't that good for Oblivion. It will play it, but you could have done better. I had one and quickly upgraded to a X1800XT as ATI cards do way better than NVidia in Oblivion.

    Have a look for yourself:

    Max details in th stressful outdoor foliage:

    High details in their gate benchark:

    A X1950XT, X1950 pro or X1900GT would have been the way to go. Shoot, even a cheap X1650XT would have been better than a 7800GT for Oblivion. Plus these cards can all run FSAA + HDR at the same time, whereas with the 7800GT you have to choose one or the other.

    Here is a nice X1650XT for $119 after rebate:
    Most games the 7800GT would win, but a few like Oblivion, the X1650XT would win.
  7. Yep I second Paul's comments.

    Specifically for Oblivion, the XKs would've been a better choice (until the next-gen midrange arrive).
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