ATI x1950pro texture artifact problem

I need the assistance of the oh-so helpful Tom's Hardware forum people again. My new x1950pro PCIE seems to be displaying weird 'squares' in some games, mainly FEAR, and Oblivion. I have ran ATI tool for over an hour without any artifacts. I have also tried and used google to find similar problems unsuccessfully. Here is a screenshot to better describe my problem:
Slightly off-topic, but also the video screens inside FEAR do not display as they should...
Any help is a greatly appreciated.

I am using FEAR 1.08, and Catalyst 7.1 drivers.
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  1. i have x1950pro pci-x and i get bad splat at company of heroes.
    i have 1gb ram. before playing i turn off firewall, antivirus and everything i dont need. then i dont get bad splat anymore.
  2. haha, thats funny. Haven't ever seen anything like that before. At least you can get it to go away...
  3. Quote:
    RMA.its not processing the textures correctly,could be the memory on the card.Any problems with other cards?I have zero problems with my 1900gt.

    just checked your mobo brand.I had a 939 same brand ,chipset caused video artifacts.check the card on a good mobo.see if its the same.

    I did buy it from a local store, so I could just do a clean exchange. I doubt this makes a difference, but if I try and overclock the videocard's memory by 1mhz, my system completely crashes (The store I bought my videocard from doesn't need to know :P). I can overclock the core ~40mhz before getting artifacts. Like I said, I ran ATI Tool, no artifacts came up. I did have a 7800gs in my motherboard before, but, obviously, it's AGP, and my current card is PCIE, so I have no idea if it's my motherboard or not since I'm not comparing the cards in the same circumstance. I will be upgrading to a new motherboard soon, hopefully (P5N-E). I'm guessing the best advice is to get my new board, and see if the problem persists, but I have to make sure I'm still able to return this card if things don't work out. Do you think the screens in FEAR could be caused by the same issue? I haven't formatted since my new videocard, could that be the cause? Hmm, I do have a Vista installed on a partition, I'll try it in Vista and see if I get the same problem, I'll get back to you guys soon.
  4. LOL @ the bad splats :lol: :lol: :lol:

    have u tried to get rid of the drivers and use the older ones (6.12)?

    Also try the omega drivers. Iv got the 7.1 omega drivers.

    When i get back home i'll check out both games and let you know if i notice anything wierd (I got a x1950 pro aswell)
  5. okay i just tested both games on max settings for an hour each and so far i havnt seen any problems.

    But just to be sure, try the 6.12 drivers or the 7.1 omega drivers (thats what i use)
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