Building first computer.

Well I've decided to go with the custom built route, as I know alot more about computers then I did a few weeks ago. I've been researching parts and I have a fairly good picture of what I want.

HDD: Western Digital Caviar 160gb
PSU: Enermax 500w
RAM: Corsair XMS 2gb
Mobo: Asus P5GV-MX
CPU: Core 2 Duo e6400

Total cost: $982

The only part I already have is the video card, which is an HIS 1950xt, so thats the only thing that can't change at the moment.

I'm not much of an overclocker but I might dabble in it in the future. I mainly will be using the computer for games.

I would like to be able to get the price down a little bit to fit in a sound card, I'm not completely sure I need the raptor over a normal HDD so that might be a place where i can shave off some of the price.

Seeing as how this is my first custom build I would love to hear your opinion on my selection, and what I can change. Thanks!
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  1. You are limiting yourself with that small of a HD, rather see you with a 250 gb SATA 3.0 drive. If upgrade might be sooner you can live with it, until it fills up. You wou then use the Raptor as the data drive and the larger drive as storage.
  2. Yea that's what i was thinking, but for now 160gb sounds plenty for me. With that change the price is now down to $982
  3. To save a few more bucks without hurting overall preformance, you can look at the e4300 and ddr2-667. For most of us, the small difference will only be noticed in benchmarks. If you are not going to O/C much, the 667 will closly match the RAM:FSB ideal of 1:1.
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