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I'm having trouble with the story mode of Colossium. I can't seem to
find any keys to unlock the guy trapped in the Under, to the Train and
to the Lab. I think I have only been defeated 4 or 5 times. I haven't
been able to do anything since defeating Lady Venus. I can get in the
Colossium matches exept for the one in the Under. I am totally stuck!
Can anyone help or am I going to have to start over again?
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    I can help with the train one.. you have to defeat the leader.. be sure
    to save before trying cos you _have_ to snag that shadow mon.. cos I
    never found it anywhere else in the game. Once you defeat the leader and
    they run away.. the key will be the shiny spot on the floor (i missed it
    for about a day until my son pointed it out ;-)

    Now if I could just _find_ my game.. I think I put it up to keep it away
    from the 3 year old.. such a safe spot that I can't remember where

    I want to see what it says about trading watts for coupons .. whether I
    need to get my gameboycolor back from my niece ..or if pikachu2 can
    trade directly with colosseum (via the remote controls).

    Plus I want _my_ turn to play all by myself vs helping my Boyz.

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    Kagome P wrote:

    > If you get Tips and Tricks magazine I think #111 it tells you how to go
    > through the whole game. I hope this helps.
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