1k rig

i m building 1k rig for my friend and i need you guys to help me out here,

its been very long since i read tomshardware articles.

so here we go,

my friend has 1k to spend for his new computer ( he already has monitor)

i was thinking of building him a core 2 duo system, but I found it pretty hard not to go over his budget. (1K is in canadian dollars).

he is planning or should i say wishes to use this computer for at least 3 years.

so, here are the parts i chose out so far..

Core 2 duo e4300 1.8GHz

BIostar Tforce 965PT

FSP Forton 450W

Ati x1600

i dont know how much and what type of memory i should give him. i am planning to overclock his cpu to around 3.0GHz. can anyone suggest me a descent ram that is under his budget.

I still have lot of other components such as harddirve, computer case, dvd drive and etc.

can anyone recommend me any of this components?

and hows the rig looking so far?

feel free to say what u want , i really do need your inputs.

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  1. Weak spot of the four pieces is the GPU. What uses are planned, games would be limited.
    Still need to know uses but a mid-sized SATA HD and SATA DVD burner will help to stay future proof. Cases are really up to the user. Plain or Blingy.
  2. Look at Direct Canada, they generally have the best prices online.

    If you want to OC to get to 3.0 ghz, then you gotta get some good RAM. The best stuff for the best price in Canada is probably the OCZ Platinum DDR2-800

    Hard drive, this is a good deal right now, act fast:

    DVD Drive:

    Graphics card, consider this:

    Case. Depends on personal preference. A few options:
    http://www.directcanada.com/products/?sku=10500AC8625&vpn=ATXB8KLW-AL&manufacture=ASPIRE (not available now, but will be soon)

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