[965P-S3 Rev 1.0] Audio / GPU Problems ? (chipset?)

Hi all,

so I finally got all the parsts for my PC, assembled them and install here we go:
1. setup winxp
2. installed Realtek Audio Drivers from web (onboard audio)
3. windowsupdate etc.
4. installed drivers from the EVGA CD / Screen drivers / W-LAN drivers


until now the boot was around 20 secs MAX

the microphone didn't work until now... (maybe other problem)

5. I installed various drivers (including chipset drivers) from the CD that came with the Gigabyte 965p-s MB.

after this i have the following symptons:
1. boot takes at least 50 secs if not more
2. Audio "crackles" , interrupts, blopbs if the system is having even a little load.. when theese audio problems occur, the system slows down A LOT and often crashes/hangs.
(3. my geforce starts to act funny while playing WoW (prolly other games too) and I get a totally blurred/black-white screen so I have to reboot mostly..)

I didn't test the gpu, except for ~3 mins, b4 so ...

I tried installing the latest realtek audio drivers

I executed the latest chipset drivers install (inf update)

all nothing....

help would be GREATLY appreciated.

my only solution atm is to reinstall the whole system and never ever again use that CD that came with the mobo...

thanks in advance,

- BM

Gigabyte 965P-S3
GeForce 7600GT 256MB
1 GB G.Skill RAM (one slot) 800
d-link w-lan card

win xp pro
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  1. I had problems with battlefield 2142 would not load updated the realteck sound drivers and had no problems since.
  2. I had a similar problem with the same mobo, Realtek blows, try going into the bios and shutting your onboard sound of.

    Boot it up and see about boot times, do a couple tasks and see how it compares with sound off. I was completely bogged down by this until someone recommended this to me. Just get an Audigy SE or something and you should see a big performance boost.

    Hope this helps.
  3. after reinstalling I simply avoided the driver cd that comes with the motherboard and installed no chipset drivers at first.
    all worked fine for some time, no crackling audio slow boot
    now I'm getting random freezes -> crash when playing WoW (games in general i Guess) .
    also I get weird graphic distortions sometimes that force me to reboot wow or alt tab out and back to make it go away...
    running memtest atm, any other suggestions?
    got the latest nvidia drivers....

    any other suggestions for failure checking?
  4. Not sure if this problem but what is your current PSU? Maybe its not enough power.
  5. Quote:
    Not sure if this problem but what is your current PSU? Maybe its not enough power.

    should NOT be the problem, this is a VERY recommended PSU around here :-)
  6. Your PSU is alright then. Freezing while playing WoW, thats one hell of instability.

    Have you tried installing an anti-virus and updating and scanning the whole system for viruses. Because I have no idea what happening with you system. I hope someone else comes and help you and as for my suggestion not sure if that would help but it doesn't hurt to try.
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