Subborn File Sharing Problem

Home LAN Network has 4 Computers, 3 XP home and 1 XP Pro.
Also 2 Wireless Laptops.
All computers see each otherand share files, EXCEPT no computer is able to access the XP Pro machines files. The error is "you do not have permission to access ***, see Administrator etc"
I have:
disabled and enabled simple file sharing.

Created user accounts on the xp pro machine with the same name as client machines.

Disabled Norton antivirus.

Disabled Windows Firewall.

Enabled Sharing on the XP Pro machine on almost all the files.

Enabled "Everyone" as having full permission on the XP pro machine.

Changed the motherboard and done a repair installation of Windows XP Pro.

Enabled "Guest" account on all machines.

Used NO third party firewall like zone alarm or Norton Internet Security. (Using only Norton Antivirus stand alone)

I have been trying to get this machine to share for months, and I have scoured forums and tech notes including Microsoft KB, but I have made no progress.

Anyone have any ideas?
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  1. Do you have Microsoft file and printer sharing under your network connection?
    Can you ping the XP Pro?
    Can the XP Pro ping the other computers?

    For no reason I was having similar problems.
    One trick I found that works was to change the password of the XP Pro machine. You can change it to the same one. The important thing is that your reenter it. Windows is dumb sometimes.
  2. What user account policies are on the Xp Pro machine?
  3. I have every type of account (Admin, recover, everyone,etc.) enabled for all the local users (really only Administrator and one user). If there is a way to add users of other systems (clients on the Workgroup), I don't know it yet. I will try the password change, but I am skeptical because the problem persisted after a repair installation of windows. I'll update after trying tho.

  4. The problem is the error message "you do not have permission to access ***, see Administrator etc" is a generic, meaning everything from "I can't find the computer" to "The computer has no shares enabled" to "That folder is not shared" to "That folder is shared but you do not have permission"

    Add to that the fact that the reason XP Professional exists is to provide account security in corporate networks, then you can have a labyrinth to negotiate to discover the problem.

    If you have multiple accounts on the Pro machine, start by making the "shared documents" folder on the machine the one that is shared on the network. Use simple shares with read and write access to everyone on the LAN. Don't forget: the actual path name of "Shared Documents" on an XP machine is C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents.

    If you can, remove all account passwords on the XP Pro machine.

    The above two things SHOULD (cross fingers) remove all actual "permissions" issues. So, if you still are having problems, then it is most likely something other than user permissions.

    Once you get the above working, then you can tighten security back up on the Pro user accounts and confirm you still have access to the shared folder(s).
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