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Hey all.

I'm (obviously from the title) building a new rig. I have a 4 yr old computer and am in desperate need of a new one. What I'm trying to achieve is a computer that will allow me to upgrade in a few months with a new dx10 card and a new Core 2 Duo processor. But until then I just want the parts to be ready for the final upgrade. Lastly, I'm trying to keep the initial build under $1k because... well I'm poor. So here's what I'm looking at. Please, please, please give me any suggestions about the build, components or compatibility issues.

Thank you all in advance.

Main Components
Antec P180 Case This choice is largely because it has awesome reviews... but I won't hate to go cheaper to save money or get better parts [$130]

Intel LGA775 Mobo This is my biggest component concern. I know getting the right mobo is KEY - so please any suggestions here would be awesome. [$130]

Prescott P4 650 3.4GHz (LGA 775) [$100]

Mushkin 2x1GB DDR2 800 Dual Channel (Dual Channel) If the mobo changes to need different memory it won't break my heart any :wink: [$235]

Hiper 580W PSU This is probably my least favorite of the parts. Any suggestions? [$100]

GeForce 7600 GT 256MB And this is only until the DX10s come way down in price. [$140]

Other Components
Western Digital 250GB HD [$75]

LG Combo DVD/CDRW Drive [$30]

Thermaltake Cooler [$35]

Grand Total : $975

To everyone/anyone that posts comments - a very sincere thank you, your knowledge is always very appreciated, especially since I couldn't hope to know as much or have the technical know-how to avoid errors in buying all these parts.

:idea: Finally, and this is strictly off topic, is there any market for 4yr old computers? If I could partially fund the new build by selling the old one that'd be awesome.
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  1. The Memory has room to cut costs without losing quality. Two highly rated sticks:
    G.Skill 1 gig
    OCZ 1 gig
    Good case but consider this one:
    Antec 900
    That sale ends Saturday 2/17
  2. Just my 2 cents...but I'm not sure what you have against that PSU. Maybe because its a british make and you're unfamiliar with it? On this side of the pond Hiper have a great reputation and that particular PSU is one I was considering at one time.

    Its also in its 2nd revision and cable length issues have been resolved. On the otherhand if you've heard something about it that has put you off please let me know.
  3. Yes - Always buy eVGA for Nvidia - They perform generally the best, and Have a 90-day step-up program.
  4. Uh... you should be able to build a c2d system for under 1k right now. no waiting required...

    the guide uses $631 for a complete C2D system... its a few months old, so you can get better prices now, and your budget is 1k as well... but its a good place to get started

    And i would say 130 for a mid tower atx is a rip off... you can get this Centurion 5 for 50 and its got tons of good reviews.
  5. OCZ 600W GameXStream $110

    GIGABYTE GA-965P-S3 LGA 775 Intel P965 $110

    E6300 $187

    2GB G.Skill DDR800 4-4-3-5 $210

    Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 (Perpendicular Recording) $75

    LITE-ON 20X DVD+R $34

    Video card: Wait a few weeks for all the new video cards to come out and pick one up for about $250

    Cases Options:

    Centurion 5- Great Case, Have it myself love it $40

    Ultra Wizard Black- Good looking case IMO, but its free after MIR $0

    Total: $766 (With centurion case)
    Leaves you with $234 (or $274 if you go with the free case) left over for a video card in a few weeks.
  6. i like Featherstone's setup id personaly go with that.
  7. Just had to do all the work for him didnt you? :P
  8. You really don't want to get a P4 get a C2D what ever the cost.
  9. Quote:

    What was wrong with my build?

    Mobo- Cheaper
    CPU- The same
    Ram- Cheaper, better timings
    PSU- Cheaper, more powerful

    With your parts he is going to have very little left over for a video card and since its a gaming machine that is one of if not the most important part.
  10. Quote:
    Just had to do all the work for him didnt you? :P

    Haha, im at work and bored... it was something to do.

    Plus I cringe everytime i watch a noob buy crappy stuff and spend too much on it...
  11. at work, and bored...

    I would think you should be working... :lol:
  12. Quote:
    at work, and bored...

    I would think you should be working... :lol:

    Ha, well I work in the basement of the college library in a computer lab... my duties include:

    1. Putting paper in the printer when it runs out.
    2. Showing people how to "get on the internet" (open mozilla).
  13. Ahh, you get paid to sit on your ass and waste time.. lucky sob :P
  14. Thank you all for your input on the build... well Featherstone's build now :wink:
  15. Why not the 4300 to clock it and keep the stress on the 667 ram down?

    Whats the big different in 7200.10 (Perp Recording) and it has an 8mb cache... is this worth the sacrifice of the 8mb's of cache in the same prices WD's?
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