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Dear all,

Last weekend I stuck my old amd system in my fathers case and installed a new copy of xp on a freshly formatted hdd set to master. I left his old hdd connected (still with old xp install and all data intact) on the same IDE channel as slave. BIOS recognises both disks succesfully.

Problem is I cant see the old drive in file explorer. I can see it in Disk Management but it doesnt have a drive letter and the only option when I right click is to delete the partition. I dont want to do that as he wants some of the data from it still.

Can anyone suggest how i might go about mounting this disk so I can get the data off before formatting it?


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  1. can u get into it from a command prompt or safe mode?
  2. Nope - there is no drive letter assigned to it so I cant see if from a cmd prompt and I cant get at it in safe mode either


  3. Found this on Microsoft site.

    The alternative would be to just put the old hdd in the computer, boot to Windows and copy the data he wants to a send hard drive or computer if you have a network and then format the drive and copy the data back
  4. Quote:
    installed a new copy of xp on a freshly formatted hdd set to master.

    Have you upgraded the new installation of XP to at least SP1? If you haven't, and the old HD is >137GB, the new installation of XP won't see it properly until you upgrade to SP1 or higher.
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