Moduler Cable PSU Question - ASUS - CMPSU-620HX

I bought an ASUS - CMPSU-620HX, but I have one question about the moduler cabling...

There are 7 slots to plug your cables into...

...are they all the same voltage?

The specifications state...


But they aren't labeled, the manual has no pictures/diagrams, and 5 of 7 slots look identical. Everything in my case, except my floppy which is 5v, is 12v. I don't want to connect the wrong voltage to any paripheral. Do the outputs just automatically adjust voltage?

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  1. One more question... can I daisy chain my 12v case fans with my 5v 3.5 floppy drive on the same power cable? They all have the same connector.
  2. Perfect.

    Thanks so much!
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