why won't images show up?

I recently replaced my hard drive.I installed everything again then I went to microsoft update and installed what ever I needed. When I'm on the internet I can see images on some sites but others there are just red x's in the spots that should be pictures or other images. Does anyone know what I missed installing? I checked my security settings and settings for the internet but everything looks liked it did before. I also tried right clicking the images and selecting show picture but nothing happened.
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  1. What OS are you using? What version of IE are you using?
    Try resetting IE defaults (Tools - Internet Options - Advanced - Restore Defaults).
    What connection are you using? Is it continuing to load at the bottom of the page or does it say Done? What kind of sites are you visiting - www.cnn.com/microsoft.com/yahoo.com or private homemade sites? Does it seem like a problem with random websites, homemade websites or professional sites?
    Do the pictures require shockwave or any other plugins to view?

  2. I am running internet explorer 6.0 on win 98. On the dell site I can see everything but on sites like bizrate.com or pricegrabber.com some pictures show up and others don't
  3. I have a dsl connection. the bottom says done for loading and the pictures appear to just be jpeg's or bmp's i will try restoring the defaults in the internet options.
  4. Ok, you restored defaults. Try to lower you internet security. Tools - Options - Security - Internet..drop it to low.
    You can even try Tools - Reset Web Options.
    There are so many different things that could be it.. its hard to figure it out.
    Let me know what comes of that one...

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