Help with ATI Sapphire x1950pro AGP card

I recently purchased a x1950pro to replace my x800 xt. I installed the card and turned on my system. I don't get any signal to the monitor at all. I have a Antec True 430w psu. Could it be my power supply? or could it be a bad videocard? The website I purchased it from said it was the second batch so it shouldn't have the problems that the first batch had? Suggestions?
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  1. Please give all system specs.
    At 430W, it could be the PSU.
  2. i doubt it's the PSU. sorry to disagree hunter, but i had 2x 7800GTX's on a 430W PSU. it's not impossible, but improbable IMO.

    do you get any beep codes? does the system sound like it's booting? also, make sure you have the power connections connected.
  3. yes...and pls post ur specs. you may be trying to run a 8x AGP card in a 4x motherboard.
  4. my specs:

    3.2 Ghz P4 478 socket
    1 GB Corsaid 3200LL
    Antec 430w True PSU
    MSI 865PE Neo2 Motherboard
    2 36GB Raptor 10k HDs (raid 0) was a beast 3 years ago :cry:

    The PSU says 20A max under 12v...don't know much about this enough?
  5. Wouldn't it still give a signal or no?
  6. also...will my cpu bottleneck this videocard?
  7. So bought a new PSU and got everything working...thanks alot guys for all the help.
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