Silverstone 600W PSU and AGP?

Hello everyone. New guy here, running to Toms for help. This may be an absolutely stupid question, but reading reviews, and tech specs I am extremely confused.

The details...
I own a Silverstone 600W PSU. It has four 12V rails. Combined, those rails put out 42A. My system is older, and I am getting as much as I can out of it before I upgrade the whole shabang. (The PSU came off a computer I scrapped, if any of you were wondering :)) Anyway, I'm running with a P4P800 board that only supports AGP. The PSU has two PCIE connectors and is SLI certified, and was obviously meant for dual card configurations.

My problem? I want to purchase a Sapphire Radeon X1950PRO AGP, and do not know if the quad rails will support it.

Here is a link to the PSU information,

Supposedly, the X1950pro needs 30a on the 12V rail. Reading Tom's review of the Sapphire card, I know that it requires TWO molex connectors for power.

Am I going to have to get a less power intensive card, and scrap my dreams of purchasing this beast?
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  1. That is good to hear. I was worried that most of the PSU's power would be focused on the two PCIE connections, and not the 4pin molex connectors. I obviously have some research to do. :?

    Thank you for the timely response.
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