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Any info on a DLP by LG Model RU 44SZ61D (HDTV)?

Last response: in Home Theatre
July 25, 2004 9:36:14 PM

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Does anyone have information on a LG DLP television, LG model is RU-44SZ61D.
I would like the specification of this set, what chip set does it have (HD1
or HD2, HD2 Plus, HD3, or XHD?. Is it a new model or an old model? The
retail store that is selling the set has no information . Thanks
July 1, 2011 9:54:49 PM

This is a very old blog but I'll comment since I have one of these. Look at the date of manufacture. 2005 (late 2004) or newer uses the newer HD2 chip that removes that herring bone breakup on diagonal thin black lines on white back ground. I have the 2004 model and don't really mind or really notice it since that rarely is seen. Apparently the HD2 chip when it was first introduced in Canada should have been the HD2+ chip that LG made good on to upgrade to the HD+ when customers complained.

What I want to know though is there a way to adjust the convergence on the picture if the back is taken off? There is no way of doing it with setup (yes I know about pushing the remote setup the same time as the menu on the TV). I can see a slight misalignment on white words as there is a little blue line 1 mm above. This must be a physical adjustment, not one done with the remote.